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Finding information in Green Beret father?

My father was a Colonel in the Green Beret in Vietnam and supposedly in the 101st Airborne operations that took place in Vietnam. When searching online I can't come up with any information and was wondering what sites might be most helpful to find this information. I am his youngest child and he is getting older now- he never would answer questions whenever I tried to ask anything. I am a history lover and I want to know his story- keep his legacy alive.


So if he wasn't a Colonel is there any way to find out if he served in the Special Forces in the war?

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    I'm pretty sure he wasn't.

    If he wasn't one of these guys, he wasn't.

    COL L. H. Schweiter September 1961 – July 1962

    COL L. E. Wills July 1962 – July 1963

    COL G. C. Morton September 1962 – November 1963

    COL T. Leonard November 1963 – July 1964

    COL H. F. Roye July 1964 – August 1964

    COL J. M. Spears August 1964 – July 1965

    COL W. A. McKean July 1965 – June 1966

    COL F. J. Kelly June 1966 – June 1967

    COL J. F. Ladd June 1967 – June 1968

    COL H. R. Aaron June 1968 – May 1969 (retired as Lieutenant General)

    LTC C. G. Ross (Acting) May 1969 – June 1969

    COL R. B. Rheault June 1969 – July 1969

    COL A. Lemberes July 1969 – August 1969

    COL M. D. Healy August 1969 – March 1971 (retired as Major General)

    COL J. B. Durst March 1971 – June 1972

    COL E. L. Keesling June 1972 – December 1973

    COL A. C. Harris December 1973 – August 1974

    COL R. Maladowitz August 1974 – February 1976

    COL C. L. Stearns February 1976 – June 1977

    COL R. A. Mountel June 1977 – December 1978

    COL G. W. McGovern December 1978 – December 1980

    These are all the Special Forces commanders during the Vietnam Era. (Special Forces = Green Beret)

    One of the most common things you find in the military, is people who lie about their service. Most of the time, those people weren't even in the service. Sometimes, you find those who were in service, but completely lie about about who they were and what they did.


    Find his military records. Until he dies, unfortunately you're going to need his help. Contact your Congressmen, they love to help out in cases like this, it's great for PR.

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    i knew colonel spears when he was the dean of college at embry-riddle. he retired from there in 1977. i can confirm he was an O-6 in the army...and well known. look up the sohn tay raid looking for POW's in vietnam. colonel spears commanded that operation in addition to being the SF group commande. he was a good guy except when he pointed that nasty chewed and wet end of that cigar at you.....i have some info from those days i can get you. email me at

    hope this helps....pat

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    via fact they used to coach with some British unit that wore eco-friendly berets. After winding up the education, the yank have been allowed to positioned on the eco-friendly beret additionally. comparable with American paratroopers and the maroon beret.

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    That's not completely correct

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    what an interesting question

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    Uh oh. What if....he wasn't?

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