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What all does being a game warden in Georgia include?

My boyfriend is considering a career as a game warden. I've researched it and I've found what he needs to do to accomplish this, but I was wondering if anyone could give me more information on it. Like if he would be away from home a lot, how dangerous it could possibly be, if it's a good career choice that he could support us with, and any other details you could give me.

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    My best friends father is a game warden in Maine, so I know a little bit about it but not specifically for the state of Georgia. The best way to know specific things about your state is to contact the Department of Conservation, or the Fish and Wildlife service and ask them- they'd know best!

    As for supporting you, I think you'd do okay. It's basically like being a police officer, you just have to work with wild animals as well as people. My friends dad has a state issued truck, four wheeler and snowmobile that he uses for his work (and are not allowed to be used for joy rides) as well as great government benefits like health, dental, life and retirement. If you were to get married, you'd get those benefits too.

    As for how dangerous it is, the normal day-to-day stuff isn't bad. It's mostly checking people's fishing and hunting licenses, patrolling areas, going to car accident scenes caused by deer or other animals and much more not super-dangerous things. One of the biggest things he does up here is going to scenes of accidents where there's a homicide due to hunting, boats, snowmobiles, four-wheelers etc. there are a lot of those up here. So he should make sure he'll be able to deal with that, not everyone can. I've heard some horrible stories from him! Once in a while however, he gets called in on police matters, like when hunters are poaching or other things that can be semi-dangerous. My friends father has been a game warden for almost 30 years though and nothing bad has ever happened to him!

    I don't remember how much time he spends away from home... I think the state tries to hire people all over the place so that each warden only covers a smallish area for normal matters. I know he does go up north on some weekends, but it's not very, very often and isn't longer than 3-4 days.

    I hope that helped! Sorry I don't know a lot of exact details. You said you did research so I'm assume you read the wiki page on wardens

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