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Can newly fostered children choose there location?

I have a very close friend who may become a foster child in the near future, they do not wish to move to another town, is it possible that they can choose to stay in the same town as their precious residence? They are a minor

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    Hi, CPS (Social Services) tries to keep children close to the area they originally resided, although it's not always possible. Almost every state has a shortage of foster homes.

    If a child enter foster care, the parents work a case plan to be reunited with their child. Normally, part of the case plan is visits with their child, so they do try to place the child near enough to allow these visits.

    Source(s): Mother of 5 children, adopted from foster care.
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    No they can not pick their location---that is done by people in higher places. Many times there are no available homes in the area the child lives. Thus they are moved to a new location---it is not unusual for them to be placed 2 hrs away from their home---visits will still occur though weekly.

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