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Whats it like living in Spanaway/Tacoma Washington?

I live in California, but next year I am moving to either Spanaway or Tacoma. I was wondering what there is to do there. Like places to hang out with friend, and things to do (with friends).

Just if you've lived there, or know someone who has/does live(d) there. And what the high schools are like. Im so curious, lol. Much appriciated(:


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    Well... Spanaway is super ghetto and not much to do. I am not sure if you are moving by choice, or if your parents are moving but I am assuming since you asked about high schools and your smiley face is like this.... (: not this.... :) You're in high school. Tacoma has some nicer parts. The North end is nice so is the stadium district, but there are definitely ghetto parts of Tacoma. The public school system is not all that great in Tacoma, but there is a nice private school called Bellarmine Prep. If it's your parents moving you there...tell them NOT to live in Spanaway.

    As far as things to do here....there are outdoor sports and activities all year round here! Especially water sports during the summer. That's one of the great things about this area. But it's a great place if you live in the right areas :)

    Source(s): I have lived in Tacoma and Spanaway
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