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How to deal with family members who you dont get along with?

I am wouldnt say I'm "close" to my family but I see them a lot and talk to them a lot, although I wish I didnt have to have any type of relationship with them but due to certain circumstances I'm in a way forced to see them. I live alone and am live peaceful but everytime I'm around or talk to my family something always goes down. I accompany my grandmother to church twice a week and with other church related activities. I'm the only member of the family who supports her in this. I get no thanks. She's always berating me all the time for no reason, she wears me down. And sometimes when I need to talk to her about something I call her up and she has her cellphone turned off or when I call her it rings like 2 times and then she turns it off so not to answer my call. My mother does the same thing to me, never answers my calls or my texts or calle me back. So its frustrating having to see them and pretending everything is fine when they purposely ignore me and berate me.

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    I would just stop talking to them & let them call you for know on. Sometimes that's what you have to do thats what I did with family & friends. It may take awile but they will call & check on you when they see you stopped communicating. You don't need to take crap from anybody as long as you are taking care of yourself then you should be fine. Just find your own spots to go to to stay away from them for awile. I'm good at distancing myself away from people who sometimes get on my nerves they say im mean but I dont think I am its tough love.

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