please help cant rem?

a pizza has a radius of 9inches. the pizza is divided into sections. one of the section has a central angle with a measure of 60 degrees wat is da area of this section of pizza?

what happens to the area of the sector if u double the central angel?

how much greater in feet is the circumference of path B then path A? leave the answer in pie

path B is the outer circle, path A is the inner circle, the radius for path A is 20ft and the radius for path B is 35ft and c=2pie r

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    The area of a circle is Pi x R2 = 3.14 x 9 x 9 = 254.5 sq in.

    If the central angle is 60 deg, this is 1/6 of the circle ( 360/60), there fore the area of the section is 42.4 in sq. If you double the central angle, the area doubles.

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