Can you guys give me any ideas on what to write about?

i have to write an essay about the issues on "spellbound movie". i have to write about the lower class kids, living

on bad communities and not getting support from their parents, affect the perfomance

of those kids in the spelling bee championship, contrary to the others wealth-middle classed kids who gets support from

their educated parents.

but i dont know where to start and i dont have enough ideas to write about

any ideas you guys give me would be extremly appreciated

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    10 years ago
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    IMDB is your friend when you are talking about movies.

    The director of Spellbound, Jeffrey Blitz, highlighted the issues that children of lower socioeconomic backgrounds face. All we work hard, practicing, first having to win their regional championship before they can move on. The movie interviews parents and teachers who are working with them. The lower class kids, living on bad communities and not getting support from their parents, greatly affected the performance of the kids. They faced hurdles that the students in more wealthy middle classed districts, they got support from their educated parents.

    Mention the awards it won so you show you did your research!

    Pick out some of the characters names, and write about them specifically

    Angela Arenivar ... Herself - Spelling Bee Participant

    Ubaldo Arenivar ... Himself - Angela's Father (as Ubaldo)

    Jorge Arenivar ... Himself - Angela's Brother (as Jorge)

    Scott McGarraugh ... Himself - Ranch Owner (as Mr. McGarraugh)

    Lindy McGarraugh ... Herself - Ranch Owner (as Mrs. McGarraugh)

    Concepción Arenivar ... Herself - Angela's Mother (as Concepción)

    Mrs. Slaughter ... Herself - Angela's Teacher

    Neelima Marupudi ... Herself - Potter County Champion (as Neelima)

    Nupur Lala ... Herself - Spelling Bee Participant

    Ms. Whitehurst ... Herself - Nupur's Teacher

    Parag Lala ... Himself - Nupur's Father (as Parag)

    Meena Lala ... Herself - Nupur's Mother (as Meena)

    Kuna Lala ... Himself - Nupur's Brother (as Kuna)

    Ted Brigham ... Himself - Spelling Bee Participant

    Ms. Blair ... Herself - Tes's Teacher

    Good luck!

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