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Is Alabama State University a good school? Is Montgomery a nice city to live in?

Currently live in MN..looking to go out of state for my next semester of schooling. Am real interested in ASU..wanted some opinions from people who have gone there, or live in the Montgomery area. Thanks!!

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    Not familiar with the college, but believe they have dorms, which would probably be a better option.

    Montgomery, like all cities, has good and bad parts. IF you go there, be sure to stay out of the bad parts.

    Source(s): lived 30 miles south for awhile, mother-in-law lived in town, husband from area.
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    hi, Coming from out of state and attending SFSU would be a great way of life substitute. Yo won't have the modifications in season like in Michigan, what you will have are some very chilly, foggy days at college. although, there will be some very friendly days besides. you will not see the snow till youpersistent to it. SF State has lots of high quality professors, the scholars are nicely tailored to the SF State curriculum. I artwork with a pair of graduates, they're o.k. knowledgeable. that may not the previous college kind atmosphere while the hippie days have been very known its a sturdy college. on the brink of downtown, the city is in basic terms 8 miles from bay to ocean and the standard public(Muni) transportation would be unable to be beat. Streetcars and bus service are appropriate around the line, so getting downtown will take you 30 to forty 5 minutes. interior walking distance of SF State there's a huge procuring complicated "Stonestown Galleria". Welcome to"the city by the Bay", you will rather relish it sluggish right here and you will possibly not desire to go away. relish

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