Can someone help me with movesets for my Pokemon White party?

I have a Hydriegon, Valcarona, Emboar,Eeclektross, Ferrothorn, and Archeops

Suggestions for movesets?! There all level 75+

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  • 10 years ago
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    Competetive battling?

    Special Mix

    Hydreigon@Life Orb

    140 Atk / 136 SpA / 232 Spe

    Mild (+SpA, -Def)

    -Draco Meteor


    -Fire Blast


    I’ll be using this one. The EV’s are made to make him as offensive as possible while outspeeding neutral base 95’s (Impish Gliscor for example). The moves are awesome to mess with people’s heads. This is one attacker that able to easily kill off the fat pink blob that is Blissey with Draco Meteor, Outrage, and Stealth Rock damage. With U-Turn, Spikes layers also hurt the opponent badly from their constant switching. Pairing this with Nattorei and Burungeru (the Water/Ghost jellyfish) make a nice little Defensive core that complement each other very well. Throw in a Fire like Heatran, Victini, Shandera, or something, and you’ve got the coveted FWG core.

    Volcarona - Banned.

    Physical Sweep

    Emboar@Life Orb

    Ability: Reckless/Blaze

    Jolly nature

    EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Def

    -Flame Charge

    -Flare Blitz

    -Wild Bolt

    -Head Smash/Earthquake/Superpower/Brick Break


    The idea for this set is to use Flame Charge to boost your speed, then sweep with your other three moves. This sounds easier than it is though, and some good predictions need to be made in order to set up Emboar's sweep. Flame Charge is needed to boost Emboar's speed. Flare Blitz is required because it is Emboar's strongest physical attack, and if Emboar has the Reckless ability, Flare Blitz becomes insanely powerful. Wild Bolt is required also because it provides Emboar with a way to hit most Water types for heaps of super effective damage. Also, Wild Bolt gets boosted by the Reckless ability as well. There are plenty of options for the last slot. Head Smash is recommended here, primarily because it gets good coverage with Flare Blitz and Wild Bolt and because it gets boosted by the Reckless ability. Earthquake can be used instead, however it doesn't have the sheer power of Head Smash. Superpower is Emboar's strongest physical fighting move, and it can be used for a one-off option. However, Superpower is discouraged because of its negative side-effect of lowering the user's Attack and Defense stats by one stage every time the move is used. Brick Break is a fighting move that has no negative side effects, though its power pales in comparison to the other options.

    Emboar needs a Jolly nature and 252 Speed EVs to get a speed stat of 376 after a Flame Charge speed boost. With the boost, Emboar outspeeds all non-boosted base 120 Pokemon like Alakazam and Sceptile. Without the boost, Emboar gets 251 speed, which outspeeds all non-boosted Tyranitar. The remaining EVs are placed in Attack for maximum damage output.

    All I could find sorry lol

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