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How can I find where someone is buried?

my best friend died 4 years ago and i want to visit him, but i have no clue where he's buried. i've tried a bunch of online searches but ntohing comes up. im honestly loosing my mind because it happened so fast and it was a family only funeral so ive had no type of closure. if someone could PLEASE help me i would really appriciate it.


i don't have contact with his family. he only had a mother and she died along with him. i knew some of non-immediate family but they moved away, i have no way of contacting them. and i tried find a, and i don't think he was buried around here, i don't know what town they would have put him in.

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    If you know the location (town, village, city) where your friend resided before he died, perhaps there was a death notice/obituary printed in the newspaper of the location where he lived or in the newspaper of a larger municipality near where he lived.

    1. If you know the location where he lived, you could first conduct a search using your favorite search engine (Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.) to see if there is a death notice/obituary on a web page. You would conduct the most effective search this way, using quotation marks as indicated and trying several different search strategies:

    "His Name" "Location, State" Year he died

    Examples: "Jason Smith" "Muscatine, Iowa" 2007

    Or: "Jason X. Smith" "Muscatine, Iowa" 2007

    Or this search strategy: "His Name" Funeral Year

    Examples: "Jason Smith" Funeral 2007

    Or: "Jason Xavier Smith" Funeral 2007

    If you do get a good result/results with a search, the online info may state where he was buried. Then, you can contact the sexton of the cemetery to learn the location of the burial plot. Of course, if he was cremated and a family member (or family members) kept his ashes and there was no internment, then he will not have a grave.

    2. If you do not find a death notice for him online, then you can telephone the main public library in the area where he lived and talk with a reference librarian to find out if the library staff has been indexing the newspaper death notices/obituaries of people the immediate area who have passed away. You may need to know more than just the year in which he died - if you have a date and month, too, that would be best.

    If a death notice/obituary can be found that way, it may state where he is buried.

    To find the phone # of the public library you would need to telephone, the best search strategy would be this:

    "public library" "City, State"

    Example: "public library" "East St. Louis, Illinois"

    Keep in mind that because of extensive budget cuts experienced by public libraries throughout the USA for years and years, the library staff may not be able to conduct an extensive search of newspaper death notices at no cost for you.

    3. If a death notice/obituary is located by either method #1 or #2 above, but no burial location is mentioned but the name of the funeral home is given, then you can telephone the funeral home and ask if they can provide you with info on his burial location.

    Keep in mind, sometimes there are no death notices/obituaries printed in newspapers and the info you seek cannot be found.

    4. Another option is to post a query on a surname genealogy message board for his surname. and may have a message board for people researching others with the same surname as your friend. Message Boards: Message Boards:

    You will need to register (for free) to post a query or reply to one on the or message boards. Also, you may not receive an immediate reply if you post a query on such a message board. It may be years and years before you might receive a reply.

    Best wishes

    Source(s): Professional genealogist + Reference/information librarian
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    Was there an obituary in the paper? Often newspapers or libraries have archives where you can look up old obituaries and it often tells where the person was buried. Are you still in the same town? Call all the local funeral homes and ask them to look at their records. Explain you are trying to locate your friend's grave site.

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    If this was your best friend then you know their family, so contact them and ask.................................

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