any educational technology in the classroom?

I need help trying to figure out any types of educational technology in the classroom besides computers.

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    It would depend on what your teaching but many classrooms now use Skype, smart boards, DEPCOStudio, social media, etc.

    If your interested in technology for a STEM incorporated education, check out

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    4 years ago

    in the fashionable era the place ever you flow you detect the technologies what ever artwork we do via technologies, Infact in coaching technologies has arrived and it grow to be very effectual, computer, information superhighway, projector, and so on. This all ingredient help us to construct our expertise in a distinctive way and that's somewhat useful . in most of the colleges , colleges they prepare them via technologies. technologies promises sparkling theory how the failings works and it exhibits in a graphical way, and it retains our pastime and are available forward to verify in a clean way. it is incredibly cool.

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