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Are the sex tourism scene and the "normal" one divided in Thailand?

Or can you find both intermingled?

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    It's intermingled. Though it is segregated so to speak and concentrated in certain areas. Patpong in the Silom area, Nana Plaza around Sukhumvit Road soi 3 and Soi Cowboy at Sukhumvit Soi 3. There are many beer bars along Sukhumvit road sois, also massage parlors along Sukhumvit road, Phetchaburi Road and along Ratchadapisek Road. All alongside "normal" businesses. Along Phetchaburi road during the evening you will see a concentration of free lancers lined up for pickup. It's also possible a few freelancers work the hotels but probably not, there are out call service that you can find online.

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    The is essentially no "normal" night life scene when it comes to tourists and the tourist areas. The "normal" scene is where Thais go - there are no non-Thai speaking foreigners there and as a tourist you will never know about it.

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    Prostitution is everywhere in Thailand, you can't escape it :-(

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    No, you turn up for a family holiday and they take you and your children to tattie-bars

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