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Are you for or against assisted suicide or euthanasia? Why?

I am doing a speech for my public speaking class on euthanasia and I would like to get some opinions on it.

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    Totally against suicide period. That is an act against God.

    Hypothetically though. It's easy enough to kill yourself. There are millions of ways literally besides time doing it naturally. So it's a Crime, and a crying shame. To assist in self murder, makes you an accessory in a criminal act. There fore you have committed the same crime. And are every bit as guilty. Murder is murder. By yourself or with accomplices.

    If YOU where to just procrastinate each day and do it later. Eventually you'll die naturally, it's the nature of things. And you don't mess with that Mother... NATURE !

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    I am very much FOR voluntary euthanasia, If your pet is in pain and isn't getting any better, you "put it to sleep". Doesn't you own father deserve at least as much consideration? I want to die with dignity. I don't want to die, with tubes sticking out of every orifice, and drugged much that I can't even tell the nurse how bad I'm hurting. When the time comes, i do sincerely hope one of my kids knows a disciple of Doctor Kevorkian.

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    I am for it but only in the most extreme situations where a person lawfully requests it from a high court judge and the judge determines the grounds. I am not for blanket legislation on it but I am for a judge to have legislative powers to rule in favour of it in a case he/she is presented with case where it could be considered.

    such as someone with an illness that is degenerative, where there is no cure, there will be a long period of sustained suffering before death that will cause distress to both person with the illness and carer or family of that person. I do not belive in someone slowly suffering for say 15 -20 years in crippling agony that medication can do little for and the carer having to go through that with little support or a person being left to die in a hospice, but have to live with those symptoms for years on end. too cruel.

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