Looking for a good gun to hunt hogs, coyotes, and deer with from medium to long range?

I am an avid bow hunter, but like to use a gun when necessary. I am looking to buy a new rifle and have done tons of research as to what caliber I should get. I live in south Georgia so the game here isn't huge. I want something I can kill deer, hogs, and coyotes with and maybe anything else in between. I have a nice .17hmr which I use for small game, rabbits and such, but I've heard it may not be enough for coyotes at medium range (150 yds) and I know it won't cut it hog hunting. I also have a 30-30 but haven't used it much because like I said I really like bow hunting, but having the gun definitely will affect my decision. I've done my research and found that a 7mm rem. mag. is probably the best for deer at the range I would use it at as it flies the straightest at the longest distance and anything bigger would be overkill. But on the other hand it's too much for coyotes. So I've heard a .270 is not too too big for coyotes but may be a little much and I know it's good for deer. A .243 is good enough for a deer, but maybe not at my desired range but its great for coyotes and hogs and I know a .223 won't be big enough for a deer. So should I use the 30-30 for coyotes and hogs and buy a larger caliber deer gun like the 7mm mag (I really would like to hunt in Africa so if I went this direction I may get an even bigger caliber to use for deer and bigger game like the .300 win. mag.) or does anyone know of any ideal caliber for all 3? 7mm-08, .270 wsm, .308 (which doesn't fly very straight or far compared to other hunting calibers)? I was mainly looking at browning x bolts for either an all 3 gun or either getting an x bolt for just deer and finding another cheaper model for just coyotes and hogs, maybe using my 30-30. I would just love to hear some opinions that may help. Any advice on another caliber or insight on previously mentioned options would be much appreciated. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for reading all this and for your answer!

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    * You only need one caliber for your purposes the 30-06 because you can hand-load the 30-06 to Perform the same ballistically as a 300 Magnum if needed or necessary.* The 30-06 has even been used to harvest Bull Cape Buffalo in Africa with one shot, and for other African Big Game Animals.* Its the most used and popular caliber all around the World.* From Varmints, to Large Big Game Animals its the real deal since 1906.* Use the 180 or the 220 Grain bullets for Large Game Animals.* Use the 150 grain bullet for Varmints.*

    Source(s): * Run like a Deer.*......................Fly like an Eagle.*~~
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    Check out the 260 remington. It should be enough for even large hogs and flies just as straight as the 7mm mag, but unlike the 7mm mag it won't beat you up or force you to carry a 9lb rifle! For deer and hogs there is no reason to go with the 7mm its more than is needed. Your better of going a little smaller in caliber(when medium game is the largest game you are hunting) to get the trajectory you want.

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    You simply don't need a glitzy flat-shooting cartridge to do what you need to do. A magnum cartridge isn't going to allow you to ignore range estimation, and the difference between the standard cartridges and those big ones isn't that much, anyway, at any range at which you should shoot game. The 270 Winchester or 7mm08 should be fine, and you might also want to look at some of the small 6.5 mm cartridges.

    And African shooting is going to point you into a different direction altogether, so you may as well put that on the back burner for now.

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    9 years ago

    If you are looking for a medium to long range rifle a .30-06 is hard to beat. It comes in very wide variety of bullet styles and weights. Shots at 300 yards aren't a problem for this cartridge unless you use the heavy 220 grauin bullets, but most hunters reserve those for the largest animals at close range. It's a little heavy for coyote, but if you are looking for one rifle to cover you in all shooting situations, that would be the best to go with.

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  • The 30-06 will fill the bill for all hunting needs.

    How is this possible, you ask?

    Well the -06 bullets can be purchased that are as small as a .22lr shell in a sabot 45gr, all the way up to a 220gr bullet for the big game.

    What does this mean to you.

    1 gun + 12 different bullet grains/weights = any type of hunting you want to do.

  • 9 years ago

    To make it easy, .30-06 or .308

    Can't go wrong with either and both will allow you to take game out to 350 yds if you do your part.

    I don't know why you say the .308 doesn't fly very straight because it is widely used by competitors in long range competitions (600-1000 yds)....

    I say no to the .270 WSM, I have one, it costs a lot to shoot, and I prefer the .308

  • 9 years ago

    The short answer? The good, reliable .30-06.

    You can find bullet weights, and designs to take anything from yotes, to brown bear.

    Theres absolutley nothing wrong with most of the calibers you have listed, but NONE is as versatile as the .30-06.

  • 9 years ago

    The B.A.R. in .30-06, it's a great caliber and fast on follow up shots when necessary.

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