A few pokemon questions for pokemon fans?

i have a fe intereting questions for pokemon fans some that people might not think about whoever annswers the most gets 10 points. :)

1: are there regulr animals in the pokemmon world? think about it the pokedex describes pokemon like pikachu as ''the mouse pokemon'' etc so does that mean there are animals? if there were would they not be seen?

2 can pokeballs catch people and items? if so give examples from the series.

3 do pokemon eat eachother? i heard or bird pokemon hunting wurmple but wouldnt that be gruesome?

4 why do you think pokemon evolve?

5 do you think the pokemon series should have stopped at platinum? i mean the new series has dumb lookin pokemon and weird names its like they have no new ideas.

6 why do parents let kids leave so young on these ''journeys''? (your opinions or from the series.)

7 are the kids dumb? it seems like they have no schools or education.

8 why cant you get pokemonn to walk out of their pokeballs? in all the games?

thanks. you can answer with opinions or facts.

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  • 9 years ago
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    1: I don't think there are. People have Skittys instead of cats, and get their milk from Miltanks, so I'm like 90% sure pokemon simply ARE the animals of that world.

    2. I don't think they can catch people, but some inanimate objects seem to be able to. Satoshi (Ash) once 'caught' a riceball.

    3. If my assumption on question number one is correct, then I would also assume that they do eat eachother. You may think of it as gruesome, but that's the reality of our world and we don't bat an eyelash. But then, pokemon are significantly more intelligent than the animals of the real world, so it's POSSIBLE that they simply live off the berries in the wild, though this doesn't seem likely to me.

    4. I really can't think of an explanation for evolution. The closest I can come up with is essentially the explanation for Trance in Final Fantasy IX-it is brought on by a surge of emotion due to the need to be stronger and survive. This is also essentially the reason species in the real world, including human beings, evolve, though at a much slower pace, obviously.

    5. Some of the new pokemon do look kind of lame, but let's face it, the pokemon industry is one of the huge draws on anime and gaming economy from children, and even some adults (admittedly, such as myself). I don't think it will ever truly end until they are so badly out of ideas that they produce a game that next to no one buys.

    6. My theory is that becoming a pokemon trainer and striking out on your own is viewed as a right of passage in the pokemon world, like a boy's first hunt in Native American and African tribes, or the right to drive for teens in US and other metropolitan countries. As you grow up, you are expected to take on more responsibilities and be able to take care of yourself, as well as gaining more privileges.

    7. It's possible that they just never felt the need to focus on the schooling system, other than the pokemon school since it is essential to the point of the series. If not, maybe the society of the pokemon world is like in the old days-parents are expected to be responsible for their children's education, and all the children are homeschooled.

    8. The idea of a pokemon traveling outside its ball was not introduced until the anime was released, and therefore was used in the Yellow Game, which was based largely on the events of the anime. And for a good part of the series, Satoshi's Pikachu was the only pokemon seen doing so. Probably the reason they finally brought the function into HeartGold and SoulSilver, is due to the fact that the series started bringing it in so much more, ie. Kasumi's (Misty's) Togepi, Hikari's (Dawn's) Piplup.

  • MattM
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    9 years ago

    1. In the first season you saw real animals but after that season, it seems like there aren't any real animals at all.

    2. No, they can't catch people, if they hit a person, it'll mostly just stun them but it won't work on them however they can catch items since Ash tried throwing a Poké Ball at a Pokémon and the Pokémon in question threw a rice ball at it and it caught the rice ball however the rice ball thing was only in the first season.

    3. It's never been stated on whether Pokémon become food or not for people or Pokémon. The PokéDex entries may state it but no one officially knows.

    4. No answer for this 1.

    5. Nope, I don't.

    6. It's basically a comic book or video game world so parents let their kids do what they want.

    7. I doubt schools or even teachers exist in their world, we've only seen Pokémon-related schools and Chansey-related schools.

    8. It would take too much space and only the DS has enough space for that however they apparently only want it to be a special feature.

  • 9 years ago

    1 I suppose they're like a substitute, in the way that they still count as birds, fish, bugs ect... except for the ones like the legendary pokemon.

    2 No I don't think so.

    3 It's possible. Pokemon can die (see the Lost Tower for proof), so maybe.

    4 I think it's so thatpokemon species can have stronger versions of themselves - after all, wouldn't it be boring if they didn't evolve?

    5 New versions don't need new pokemon, but they can use new places, characters, and items. I think making new versions are fine.

    6 It's more customer-attractive when these games involve kids you know! All they want is money.

    7 In Jublife City there is a school where you learn the basics of pokemon, but they probably learn stuff like maths and history in their younger years.

    8 On the new versions - HeartGold and SoulSilver you can walk with one pokemon behind you all the time, but on Platinum you can only do that in Amity Square.

    What can you say? I answered all the questions! =D

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    2. i don't think they can. in one ep they tried but it didn't work.

    4.they evolve because they reach maturity

    5.hell yeah they destroyed pokemon when they continued. they lost my support when may came into the series instead of my fav misty

    6.they must be irresponsible parents' or may be they let the kids follow their dreams

    7.they learn from life rather than from the so called education system

    8.because they are trapped inside and sleeping why would anyone want to waste their sleep.

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  • 9 years ago

    5. i think they only have weird names in english. cuz they have to change the names up from the japanese version to the english version. but they do look weird though.

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