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    I cannot conclude what it is for limited information.

    If you want some free website to searchit continuously, I suggest the following website:

    This website has huge no. of local, Asian and overseas songs. It is opened by Now and is tailored for pop songs.

    The best function is it allows all non-users to have 30 seconds trial so you can hear the melody to see whether the song is the one you want. Then you can copy the info. from the website or simply use the song name to search in Yahoo or Google for full details.

    You are suggested to guess the name of the singers first, as well as his / her origin before searching the songs he/she/they have before trial. This can shorten the list of selection.

    I used the function above to find answers for a number of questioners here beforehand, so it is a dream tool for you! Of course, some patience are needed before the real song comes out!

    Hope I can help you.

    Source(s): Mathematics Teacher Mr. Ip
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