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英文授權書 (英翻中)

Power of Attorney - Special know all men by these presents: that I, May Chen, have made, constituted and appointed, and by these presents do hereby make, constitute and appoint Vivian Sung my true and lawful Attorney-in-fact for me and in my name, place and stead to ask demand, sue for, recover , collect and receive all such sums of money, debts, dues, accounts, legacies, bequests, interests, dividends, annuities, and demands whatsoever as are now or shall hereafter become due, owing, payable, or belonging to the undersigned; and have, use, and take all lawful ways and means in the name of the undersigned, or otherwise, for the recovery thereof, by legal process, and to compromise and agree for the same, and grant acquittances or other sufficient discharges for the same, for the undersigned, and in the name of the undersigned to make, seal, and deliver the same; to compromise any and all debts owing by the undersigned, and to convey, transfer and/or assign any property of any kind or character belonging to the undersigned in satisfaction of any debt owing by us or either of us; and to bargain, contract, agree for, purchase, receive, and take lands, tenements, hereditaments, and accept the seizing and possession of all lands, and all deeds, and other assurances in the law therefore; and to lease, let, demise, bargain, sell, remise, release, convey, mortgage, convey in trust, and hypothecate lands, tenements, and hereditaments, upon such terms and conditions, and under such covenants as said Attorney-in-fact shall think fit; to exchange real or personal property for other real or personal property, and to execute and deliver the necessary instruments of transfer or conveyance to consummate such exchange; (待續)

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    授权书-專輯 由這些禮物认识所有人 May陳,做了,構成和任命,和由這些禮物做,構成並且特此任命被唱的Vivian我真實和合法的律師在事實我的和在我的名字、地方和代替要求需求,起訴為,恢復,收集和收到所有這一类款项,債務,應得物,帳戶,遺產,遺產,興趣,股息,年金,並且要求任何象現在或此後变得交付的,欠,付得起或者屬於簽名於末尾; 並且有,以簽名於末尾的名義使用,並且採取所有合法的方式和方法或者,為因此補救,由法律過程和為同樣妥協和同意,並且授予清償證明或其他足够的放電同樣的,簽名於末尾的和以簽名於末尾的名義做,密封和交付同樣; 减弱欠由簽名於末尾的任意債務和表达,轉移並且/或者分配屬於簽名於末尾的任何種類或字符任何物產在欠由我們或之一的任何債務的滿意我們; 因此並且交易,合同,赞成為,購買,接受,並且採取土地,廉價公寓,世襲財產,並且接受所有土地的佔領和財產和所有行為和在法律的其他保證; 並且出租,讓,困境,交易,出售, remise,發行,轉達,抵押,轉達在信任,並且抵押土地,廉價公寓,並且世襲財產,在這样期限和条件和在作為說律師在事實的這样契約之下將認為適合; 為其他真正或個人财产交換真正或個人财产和執行和交付調動或搬運器的必要的儀器完善這樣交換

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