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Age of Empire 2

I have a disk of the game "Age of The Empire 2" in Chinese Tradition version.

But when I want to download it onto my computer, the Chinese words won't show, only show squares and circles whatever. I have the Chinese system in my computer so I can type chinese but the words in the game just don't show... I still want to use my disk and install the game. but I can't see the words in it.


Okay the game works now but the screen turns brown red,like the blue sea becomes brown-red sea... the trees also become red trees... like a lot of brown red dots over almost the entire screen... can you tell me how to make it normal?

Update 2:

um... another problem... the game I saved is not showing in the box when I want to load it... I go to 載入 but my game file does not show in it unless I have to restart the entire game (re-insert the disk) > <" help me...

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    What is the operating system of your computer? Window or Mac?

    If you have XP, Go to CONTROL PANEL>>Regional and language options>>

    This will open smaller window and go the the "Advanced" tab on the top.

    Make sure you select "Chinese(Taiwan)" as your version of the non-unicode programs from the drop down menu.

    This usually solves the problem, however, if you don't have asian language pack installed, you need to first go to "Languages" tab in the same window.

    Make sure your "Install files for East Asian languages" box is checked.

    If it's not, once you check the box, it will ask you to insert your winXP disc to get the file. Once you installed the language files, then you can go to advance tab to select Chinese(Taiwan).

    Restart the computer, try the AOE2 disc again. It should work.

    As for mac, usually it reads fine, if not, go to language option to make Chinese traditional as your priority language, that should fix it.

    I hope this helps.

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    um... I am personally too lazy to type Taiwanese characters...due to my keyboard that does not have taiwanese characters,and I am in US at the moment I am talking right now :D btw... The game works alright but most of the game screen has red color on it (abnormal) and I dont know the reason why...

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    Just curious, why are you using the Chinese(Traditional) version of AoE II while you speak English?

    2011-04-11 16:43:05 補充:

    If you have the genuine CD of AoE II (in any language), you can switch the game's language by replacing all DLLs containing the word "language". Specifically, "language.dll", "language_x1.dll", and "language_x1_p1.dll".

    2011-04-11 16:46:20 補充:

    All 3 files should be present if you have v1.0c of The Conquerors Expansion. Otherwise, you'll miss one file or two; that's fine.

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