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what is your favorite type of necklace? (Poll)?

quick poll...i've started making jewelry (esp. necklaces) and im really curious what people like.. don't think too hard, just choose what you'd prefer over the other:


1) gold vs silver vs copper

2) antiqued/vintage vs. new

3) shiny vs "matte"/dull


1)big vs. small

2) pale vs bright

3)one pendant vs. lots of beads


1)multi-strand vs single strand

2) symmetrical vs assymetrical

3) long vs medium vs short (choker-length)

also, what type of necklace catches your eye the most? What was the last necklace you bought? Do you typically have an eye for unique pendants, or are you more on the lookout for pretty types of chain, or are you more drawn to the actual beads?

Thanks a million. Best answer to whoever gives the most insight!

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    I love making jewelry. My favorite thing to make are hemp necklaces. I make some with guitar picks and sell them at a couple stores, and I've sold a few. I've made custom hemp necklaces for people.

    I also make and sell beaded, but most my sales were hemp necklaces. I also make layered beaded hemp necklaces (inspired by this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47dOXK-BcsM

    Youtube thumbnail

    ) and I've sold a couple of them for $18 canadian, no problem.


    1) I def. prefer silver. It matches like any outfit, and I find it usually looks prettier. I think silver tends to be the preferred colour. Gold can look good with the right outfit, though. It also depends on the necklace's style. If it's more of an "antique" style, I prefer a more bronze or copper, maybe even a gold look to silver.

    2) I love an antiqued look, however I am more prone to wearing new/modern.

    3) I love shiny things. xD


    1) Small to medium, I never wear big beads. I'll wear big pendants, but not big beads. I just only have one big-beaded necklace, and I haven't worn it in 2 years. xD

    2) Bright for me, all the way. =0

    3) If it's single strand, I'll usually buy it and wear it because I'm in love with the pendant - and I love pendants. If it's multistrand, I don't want a pendant on it, just beads.


    1) Tough call, I love them both. I do, however, tend to wear more single strands.

    2) If it's a single strand, symmetrical, if it's multi strand, asymmetrical.

    3) Multi-strands, I prefer medium - maybe long as long at it isn't too long (wow, that was confusing xD). Single-strand beaded with pendant, maybe about medium. Chains, medium to long. Only time I'll usually wear a choker is if it's hemp, and even then when I wear hemp, it's usually a little longer than choker-length.

    Usually, hemp catches my eyes - but that's probably mostly because I make so many of them. xD

    I have a tendency to avoid metals and chains, because my skin is very sensitive to metals. I have a couple of chain necklaces, but I don't wear them too often, and the last one I bought that I really loved and didn't bother my skin started tarnishing, which kind of depressed me. D=

    Multi-strand beaded necklaces usually catch my eyes, as well as necklaces with gorgeous glass pendants. I am, however, much more prone to buy single-strand - mostly only because they're usally less expensive. If I'm drawn to a chain, it's usually only because it has nice beading to it, or because it's a "big hoop" necklace (similar to this sort of style: http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/5f/2/AAAAAoVz...

    I'd probably wear more chains, but I can't because I get allergic reactions. For this reason I am more drawn to beads than chains.

    I also love glass beads, but there's a certain flower pattern some of them have that I personally find tacky and cheap-looking (a couple beads have it in this picture: http://www.baseinchina.com/up_files/images/2009420...

    But yeah, glass beads are awesome.

    For colours, I love black/white/+one other colour.

    Black/white/purple and black/white/blue are my favorite combos. I also love black/white/pink, black/white/red, black/white/brown and black/white/yellow.

    Summery/beachy looking necklaces always catch my attention - maybe because they look warmer/sunnier/happy or something, I don't know.

    One thing I've been doing lately is making necklaces with tiny glass bottles/vials. I make messages in a bottle, make clay sceneries (palm tree, mini ship in a bottle, aquarium, woodland scene, etc). I haven't brought them out to sell yet, but many people who've seen them so far want one and love them. I put a little tiny bit of gold microbeads (no holes in them) to represent sand, write a message on a piece of paper and roll it up, glue part of it shut, tie red thread around it, drop it in with a tiny shell, and then glue the cork in. I make it into a pendant by sticking a safety pin - I bend it on the bottom to keep the pin from sliding out, and then bend a circle on top. If you google image "message in a bottle necklace" or "glass bottle necklace", you'll see what kind of bottles I mean.

    I was lucky and found a store that sells six tiny glass bottles for a dollar. They might have some in craft stores, or you can buy them in bulk online on ebay or amazon. I once read they could be found in Hobby Lobby in the dollhouse section or something rather, but I wouldn't know as Michaels is the only legit craft store in my area, and the closet craftstore other than that one is another Michaels, 2 hours away. xD

    Source(s): Experiment a little, and you'll find your style and do what you love making the most, and you should see what you're able to sell the best. My favorite thing to make is hemp jewelry, and I only started making them when a friend of mine randomly told me that if I made one for her, she'd buy it. In case you ever want to sell online, etsy.com might be good to look into. You'll have to advertise it a little, though. Whether it be by answering questions on yahoo linking to your etsy shop, facebook, putting ads on places like kijiji, making videos on youtube, etc. I haven't made an etsy shop yet, but I am hoping to open one by 2012. Also, it's probably best to avoid using ebay to sell your jewelry - etsy is much better for selling your crafts. I hope I helped you somehow, even if only a litte. xD
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    1) silver

    2) i buy both. what i wear, depends on what type of outfit i have on but i like both the same

    3) it depends. if the charm is shiny, then the chain should be too. if the charm or pendant is dull or vintage looking, the chain should be dull.


    1) small

    2) i like both. with summer coming up, bright would be best. pale is always classy looking though.

    3) overall, i prefer one pendant but have some necklaces that have many beads.


    1) i love both equally. make some single strand and some multi-strand. both are great.

    2) symmetrical is best

    3) medium is my favorite length. i have a few long necklaces. i HATE chokers!

    good luck!

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    3) Both

    1) BIG

    2) Bright(really depends on what you wear it with)




    3) Medium

    When it comes to jewelry, you have to think there are different categories. You can think of it as quiet, loud, and variety.

    The quiet one would be a pendent or a locket.

    The loud one would be an accent piece with huge beads, all different shapes, and dominant features.

    The one that varies could be a long one with maybe one spotlighted bead or pearls or what not.

    In todays fashion, people tend to (or at least I prefer) like the "loud" ones. It's very in to have a big accent piece added to your solid silk top or your romper or whatever. My eyes is definitely drawn to the beads on a necklace though. Big, chunky necklaces catch my eye the most.Style varies, it all depends on your customers :)

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    1.silver makes me feel comfortable..gold is more elegant..I am sorry but I have to pick both.



    4.I always try to get something small because I love how really simple necklaces look on girls but always end up getting something medium sized.

    5.If it is thick one strand..multi if it is more fun and thin.



    I wish you the best of luck with your necklace making and really curious of how they will end up!

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    gold, vintage, matte


    small, pale, bendant

    multi strand


    I also have a jewerly business (http://mermaidaccessories.co.nr/) and i find one should make what they like, because not only does it turn out better but it gives you a niche in the business. Also being open to making custume jewerly (or being willing to change your pieces) gives you an edge. GOOD LUCK :)

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    i like silver necklace and crystal jewelry,such as this


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