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Fantasy Question? Tabata? Narveson?

Okay, I need some input from some knowledgeable peeps. Now my Head-to-Head League has decided to set a max of 2 acquisitions per week. I like and hate this at the same time. Requires more strategy but it's a little maddening. Anyway, I drafted Ryan Raburn at second but he is not going to be getting as much playing time thanks to Brennan Boesch so I will be using my first pickup for Howie Kendrick, (who was actually dropped by another team?) and I am torn on my next choice. Chris Narveson has had himself a nice start to the season. However, will he continue his dominance? He will drop back to number 5 starter once Grienke comes back. I like the offense he can get in Milwaukee but I doubt his ability to be this dominant consistently. My other choice is the young Pirate Jose Tabata. This kid is scorching right now with his bat, even managing to belt a couple homers. Pretty good for a 10 HR a year guy. He has also snagged himself 5 bases so far. My only issue is the Pittsburgh Pirates. They seem like a scrappy young team and with Tabata leading off he should score a ton of runs and steal a bunch of bases. I have Rajai Davis currently but he has twisted his ankle twice and is too much of an injury risk right now. I don't really need Narveson but it would strentghen my roation even more. I love strong pitching so this is why it is a hard decision for me. SO which player has the more upside and you think will continue their hot season?

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    those players are both great pick-ups.

    i would go with tabata only because in my experience, those borderline pitchers get picked up and dropped 10x throughout the season. someone else will get him this week, he'll have a bad game next month, and you'l get another shot at him later. in tabata's case if you don't get him now you won't get another shot. this is because most managers seem to have more patience with hitters, from what i've seen.

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    Tabata for sure. Narverson HAS had a great start, but this is the same pitcher who had an ERA of close to 5.00 last season and is known for giving up big innings. I would say he is hot right now but will most likely slump back to his usual #'s. Tabata is going to get playing time all year long, he is there lead off man

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