R&P type Peeps.... wutz yer favorite Sandwich?

to munch on when hunting down new and obscure and generally nifty muzak on the intrawebz?

I'm rather partial to a nice homemade Italian grinder, layering pepperoni, genoa salami, capicola and crispyity crunchity bacon, with shredded lettuce, red onions, banana peppers, provolone, black olives and tommytoes, topped with zesty italian dressing, grated parmesan and romano,, minced garlic and oregano, all on a nice toasty sourdough hoagie roll. Yum.

(unless it's really cold, then I like to make a specialty grilled cheese, tomato and bacon served with tomato basil soup)


MQ- MUSIC! What is the latest WOWZER worthy band you found while munching on yer sammich du jour?


BQ- Favorite alcoholic beverage?

(substitute non-alcoholic for all you teetotalers, kids, fundies, and or recovering types. Or those who just think booze is yucky, lol.)


@RA Metal Tyrant.. melty Ham n Swiss panani with stonegorund spicy mustard on marble rye = pure win!

Update 2:

@Ana... hey! who u callin fatty! o_O *cries*

(looks down... oh.. wait.. I could use to lose a few..... hmmmmmmmmm... never mind... ahem... make that FAT FREE Italian dressing.......)

geez.. I gave up sex n drugs 15+ years ago... all I got left is Rock n Roll and cooking.... =P

Update 3:

btw fave alcoholic beverage is either Stoli's Elit, neat fresh from the freezer, or the Balvenie Portwood 21 year single malt scotch, with a finger of water, on the rocks, depending on mood.

For beer, not much tops a good Dos Equis Amber.......

Wines? There is such a variety and they pair with so much...how to choose one? Though I do love a good Anderson Valley Dry Gewurztraminer, or fruity, peppery Pinot Noir from Navarro Wineries.

Pop? Root Beer please. And coffee coffee coffee coffee.

as for H2O, I love it, but the overall quality here is NASTY. (assuming it will only get worse when I move to mexico)

Update 4:

@Ana 2.0 ... I also notice YOUR sammich took 4 lines....... hmmmmmmmmmm

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  • Dave
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    10 years ago
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    Oh man. I just stopped eating meat (minus fish, as convoluted as that sounds) a few weeks ago, and I think I'm starting to miss it. Damn you and your yummy sandwich description >.> Oh, and I would love to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but *someone* in my house is allergic to nuts. My sandwich days are over, friend.

    So, uh, excuse me if I don't answer this question. I'm going to look up pictures of sandwiches and think of the good times we had...

    MQ: Cult Of Luna. I've known them for a while, but never got into them until lately. Pretty awesome music. Also, KP, are you familiar with Callisto? Finnish Isis of sorts, pretty neat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTO9841FT0I

    Youtube thumbnail

    Don't know if you'll like (or if you do), but check it out :p

    BQ: Well, since I'm underage, I decided to try my hand at going straight edge, just for the hell of it. I may quit though, because I love beer, and I love rum (sometimes, haha). Give me some Guinness with a hearty meal and I'm happy!

  • Jon
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    Man, your sandwich sounds like a work of art. I know for mine, I'd have to have bacon, grilled chicken with light garlic, lots of mild cheddar cheese, a good amount thinly sliced tomatoes. Some soft, dark lettuce, diced onions, mayo, light mustard, a little olive oil and a little vinegar on some Subway style toasted cheese bread. There's so many way to experiment, I could prob put about 50 different things on one sammich!

    MQ- The last one? Therion. I almost dropped my sammich too.


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    BQ- Haven't drank since it became legal for me to, but I drank Smirnoff with Sprite every once in awhile before, which is pretty cheap, but I didn't have much of a taste or preference. I also would drink Coors Lite, but the drunkest I ever got was from something called "Hunch- Punch" where I ended up lying on the ground in front of someone's house, because I just didn't give a damn. And my older brother had to drive and he was just as drunk. Swerved all over the place and finally stopped at a Huddle House. then we went in, ordered a bunch of food and left and the cook was screaming at us, telling us to come back, lol. Then I screwed up and drank some Jägermeister on top of that and got sick as hell the next day. I never did drink that often though, and I don't drink at all now. Which is probably a good thing, but I don't see anything wrong with drinking socially.

  • kls81
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    Back from the City! (Two Broadway shows in one weekend = slept in Sunday.)

    My tastes are pretty simple: Turkey on real rye bread (not the fake stuff) with lettuce (ideally spinach, but not many places have it), tomato, and Russian.

    MQ: I used to find a lot of stuff at work through Pandora. But now it's relegated to the times when I don't need to concentrate and am not teaching. Sad to say, a time that's neither of the above is rather scant.

    BQ: Fave drink -- iced tea if I'm not drinking alcohol; anything non-carbonated (hence no beer etc.) and non-vodka if I'm boozing. I actually drink and like gin and Jack and the like, though.

  • 10 years ago

    Dude, that sounds delicious, even though I don't know what half that stuff is. I love a yummy sammich, but I don't like putting too much effort into a few bites. A bit of mortadella, mayo and lettuce and I'm good to go.

    MA: Mournful Congregation. To be honest, wasn't eating a sandwich when I found em. But probably ate a while later or something.


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    BA: H2O is excellent. Did you know it acts as both as a base and an acid? In other words, it's like drinking lemon juice and bleach at the same time.

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  • The last WOWZER band I discovered whilst eating on my sandwich was... oh wait, mum doesn't let me eat food near a computer or in my room.

    But a band that makes me go wow is Nine Inch Nails, currently tied with the Smashing Pumpkins as my all time favourite band. This song makes me go 'wow' with the atmosphere and mood that is created through this song


    Youtube thumbnail

    The texture of the sounds, the blazing guitars, the industrial hammering sound... it's terrific.

    BQ: I do not drink, but I am obsessed with Coca- Cola and Pepsi Max. Caffeine hits every hour, I can't sleep!

    Side Note: You must drink a lot due to the appalling nature of your grammar.

    And my favourite sandwich is just simple chicken, mayo and some salad sandwich.

  • Ana
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    Damn your sandwich preference took up 4 whole lines....fatty.

    I'm into...turkey, cheese of any kind except Swiss(I hate it) although I like how it looks, thousand Island dressing, lettuce, spinnach(I don't like it for it's lack of taste, so might as well put it in something, plus I need extra iron), crushed red pepper(which I put on a lot of things), mayo, olives, and probably something else I'm missing.

    I found a bunch of freaks called Circus Contraption the other week


    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ - I'm into fruity alcohol and the occasional shot of Rakia. I don't drink too often.

    @KP..if it wasn't for my rambling..then it would of taken at least 2! HA

    Oh and I forgot the thing that holds all of it together..Bread.

    I like the darker kind. Although I think I have a wheat or gluten intolerance so I shouldn't even be eating it anyway lol

  • 10 years ago

    I like custom building each sandwich, so they're almost always different!

    However, my dream sandwich (that one sandwich you could NEVER turn down) would have to be like this.

    King Hawaiian Bun (love that sh*t) with some roast beef, smoked ham, and thinly sliced turkey. A nice crisp lettuce leaf with a couple slices of tomato with a slice of swiss cheese on each side with a few shots of mustard to round it off. Although...I'm digging your sandwich...it sounds divine....The only type of "hot" sandwich I enjoy though is grilled ham and swiss.

    MA: So strange, last night I was eating a very tasty sammich and I discovered an old favorite called Asrai. I hadn't listened to them in years, so it was like becoming acquainted with an old friend.

    BA: Orange Screwdriver.

    Only ever had it once, but it was pretty tasty.

  • 10 years ago

    Specculas sandwiches!

    you take bread, butter it, and put Specculas (a kind of Dutch cookie) on them. it's grand :D

    MQ: Desert, Israeli Power Metal

    Lament For Soldier's Glory (featuring Sabaton's vocalist)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Letter Of Marque


    Youtube thumbnail

    Massada Will Never Fall


    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ: I find booze to be yucky... so Chocolate milk! (deal with it)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Grilled burger with swiss cheese, bacon, and mayo on really thin egg bread. Omnom.

    MA: Salem Mass, yew showed em to Me

    BA: Ice cold Pepsi, I pretty much have quit drinking in the last two years. My last experience ruined me on it.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    A club with honey mustard, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce, ham, turkey, bacon, on toasted white bread.

    BA: Ballboy, randomly too. A friend had linked me a free jazz song, that had the title "avant-garde" in it, and in the recommended videos was Ballboy's song "Avant-Garde Music". After listening to that song, I got the album "A Guide For The Daylight Hours".


    Youtube thumbnail

    BA2: I like virgin mojitos, anything coffee related, iced tea, and Mountain Dew.

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