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Ruger Mini 30 Tactical worth it?

My mom is buying me my first gun for my 18th birthday and i picked out a ruger mini 30 tactical brand new (at least it better be) so she is getting a browning hi power 9mm for like 700 some thing i can't remember and the ruger was 899 plus tax it only comes with one 20 round mag witch is making me think its not new ruger includes scope rings too don't they? It had no wear & tear though

Anyway she put both guns on layaway and is on a payment plan i knew nothing of the ruger mini 30 tactical until i went home and did me research ruger's recommended price is 921 USD brand new but im seeing used ones for 600-700 im thinking i should drop off on mine and just order another gun offline and have a FFL transfer i don't really like the gun anyway it fits in my hand good but i just don't like the look anyway am i getting ripped off here? one more thing can i even get out of this just tell them to forget mine and she can keep making payment on the browning one of the owners had a sneaky smile on his face when we where walking out so i'm pretty sure i'm getting ripped off please help!!


@ the dude down there i want a semi auto rifle thanks but i know what i have in mind and for the price the ruger has a slim chance especially after i saw them for 650 USD

Update 2:

@ u again ruger does not make the mini in 308

Update 3:

@uggidriv my mom does not care about me going out on it and if i am getting ripped off witch i haven't gotten an answer to yet she would definitely want me to back out and get what i want she going to pay for it either way and im sure she would like it if it was cheaper too

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    The Mini 30 tactical is a very nice gun.

    I have one and I love it.

    I have a friend with a Russian AK and we always shoot together.

    I've had no malfunctions except for when I used cheap wolf steel cased ammo.

    The online price is around $700 plus shipping and FFL transfer fee so you could get it for around $750-$800 if you wanted to order one.

    I don't think the price is too high but it is a little high. Ive been willing to pay a little more for a firearm in the past just to get it "right now" and give my local gun shop some business.

    I think if its a gift then you should just take it and be thankful that you've got a mom that's willing to buy you firearms for your 18th birthday.

    I turned 18 in boot camp and didn't get anything for my 18th birthday.

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    Ruger Mini 30 Tactical

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    Well, the mini-14 and mini-30 guns have a quite mixed reputation. They are not BAD guns, by any means. The biggest arguments for them are as follows.

    -For the price, you could probably find something better. Back when rugers were 400-500, they were a pretty damn good deal. But now, at that price, you could very well start looking at basic ar-15's or ak's.

    -Most aftermarket magazines SUCK. Stick with ruger factory magazines, which unfortunatly, run much more expensive than quality ar, or ak magazines.

    Ok, so maybe you don't want an AR or AK, thats fine. Don't let people talk you out of buying soemthing you like. You should enjoy the gun you are buying.

    @ the person saying that 7.62x39 is marginal for deer, I will have to disagree. Balistics come close the a .30-30 winchester, as long as you are able to find quality soft point hunting ammo for it. Just know how your gun shoots, and don't take shots farther than you can ethically take.

    Another note, you do need to realize that prices quoted on rugers, and any website is MSRP, which no matter what you buy (car, gun, flashlights... whatever) is going to be a bit more expensive (usually around 30%) more than what you will end up paying for it in a store.

    My suggestion, is to try and pick it up locally. Make friends with the guys behind the counter at your closest gun store. Have them show you how to fieldstrip and clean it.

    Remember, only buy ruger factory mags. In ANY semi-auto, magazine fed firearm, the magazine will almost always be the source of a problem.

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    Ruger Mini 30 Tactical worth it?

    My mom is buying me my first gun for my 18th birthday and i picked out a ruger mini 30 tactical brand new (at least it better be) so she is getting a browning hi power 9mm for like 700 some thing i can't remember and the ruger was 899 plus tax it only comes with one 20 round mag witch is...

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    That price seems a little high.... Ruger Mini 30 rifles are sold in my area for $699 to $749..... The tactical model your looking at may be more expensive..... If you think you can save $100 then by all means by one on line and have an FFL receive it..... Realize the FFL will charge a small fee (usually $25 to $35 ) and pay the shipping....

    Don't like the gun?.... The Ruger Mini 30 is one of the finest carbines money can buy.... The quality is way better than most of those cheap AK rifles and its more reliable than most AR15's.... (thumbs me down AR owners... I own 10 AR's and several Mini 14 and Mini 30 rifles.... I know the diff)..... Yes the 7.62x30MM cartridge isn't a long range cartridge but for closer range hunting and target shooting this gun rocks!..... Trust me on this - after you use this rifle for awhile you will be quite impressed with it.... Yeah yeah I know you kids like those evil looking assault style AK's and AR15's but believe me - they aren't all there cracked up to be......

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    I think that the price is way too high for that rifle. You can get ARs for less and the 5.56 round is a flatter shooting round and almost any AR will be more accurate than the mini-30.

    If you want the rifle for hunting look at semi-auto rifles that are made for hunting. A Remington 7400 or Browning BAR would be much better choices for deer hunting. The Remington should cost a little less and the BAR should be about the same. Both come in a wide range of caliber so you can choose what you prefer.

    If you just want the gun for plinking or target shooting, an AR-15 style rifle would out perform the Mini-30 anytime, anywhere. You could also get a CETME or FN-FAL a lot cheaper from J&G Sales. Those are .308/7.62x51 and make the Mini-30 look pretty lame.

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    no it is chambered in the 7.62x39mm, which is in my opinion a barely legal for deer out to 100 yards, but you would have to reload your own ammunition because I do not think it is factory loaded with hunting weight bullets, most I have seen online have been the 125 grain full metal jacket, do not buy wolf ammunition it jams all the time, I think it is because they use steel cases that are not reloadable, but you can e-mail the factory and they should send you a set of rings for your Ruger Mini 30, that is one reason I will buy nothing but Rugers for the simple fact that they come with the rings already installed, I think Sako is also doing this I remember a cousins rifle in 222 Remington, a very small and handy rifle but it only had factory installed iron sights, no scope the rings were extra unlike Ruger which are standard, but that is the going price of a used Ruger Mini 30 good luck

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    I think since it is a gift from your mom, you should go with it. Thank her for a great birthday gift and never let on that you are second guessing your choice.

    If you get tired of the look, just get another stock later. There are some pretty cool stocks available.

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    You would have to give more details about the gun in question, like what the stock looked like and what it was made of, was the barrel stainless, did it have the factory flash hider...

    Personally, i wouldnt pay that much for one, whatever the features were. For that much you could get an Arsenal AK or a decent AR. I wouldnt mind paying around $400 for a used one with the regular wood stock.

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    I wouldn't get either gun personally, but the mini is nice in a 308, but just for shooting for fun I'd get a savage 243, most acurate trigger out of the package for under 400

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