Help for knee pain while jogging?

I have recently gone from walking 3-5 miles a day to incorporating jogging. I have serious pain on the inside of my right knee. I have never had knee problems before. I've made sure I'm stretching but the pain has gone from just while I jog to all day everyday. I need suggestions. Would a generic knee brace help? Is there such a thing? Any help is appreciated.

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  • 10 years ago

    hm... you could have overstreched a muscle or your hamstring. But yes there is definatly a knee brace for support, there are all sorts of knee supports at walmart, cvs, walgreens, etc. i am currently suffering a right knee injury. and with me it hurts when i walk, sit, stand (if possible) knee pops or gives out, makes popping sounds when walking. Just a constant throbbing pain 24/7 and it hurts right in the middle of my knee, which is where your ACL muscle is. Its the main muscle that connects your knee to your leg. If you are having these same symptoms as i am, then you may have an ACL injury. But it would greatly depend on the severity of the pain, and if it hurts when you walk, sit, stand, jump, things like that. And it would also depend on how long the pain is. If your having like a throbbing pain then it could be in the muscle, but just to be sure for certain i would go get a general check-up at your doctor, or your local health clinic. Just to be sure it is not anything serious like mine is. And until you get to a doctor,, i would suggest getting a knee support and applying something like bengay to the hurting area. I would recomend max-freeze, its just like bengay but you feel like a cooling soothing relief. its great! but put the cream on first then the brace on top, and also you could try unsing an ice pack. when your sitting or lying down, use an ice pack any chance you get. Bust just until you can get to a doctor.

    Hope all gets well, and hope i helped :)

    Source(s): personal experience. Have been battleing a painfull chronic knee injury for 4 years.
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