Trip to New Orleans? How does it look?

Next December is my mom's 50th birthday and my sister and I are conjuring up places to take her. One of the places she has always wanted to go is New orleans because of the jazz music. I was wondering how it looks after the hurricane. They seem to have very nice hotels in the French Quarter for reasonable prices. How is the French Quarter look? Is it a good spot to listen to jazz music?

Any advice on where to stay and how the destination looks now would be greatly appreciated. Any advice on New Orleans in general would be great! Thank you.

I'm just afraid of taking her there, and she then sees the devastation and it makes her sad.

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    French Quarter is a great place to stay ad listen to jazz. A even better place to listen to jazz is Frenchmen st. You can either stay at hotel in the Quarter or get a nice Bed and Breakfast near frenchmen st. You won't see any devastation unless you drive to the 9th ward. You will never know a hurricane hit here.

    If you want sleep do not stay at a hotel on bourbon street.


    Stay at the hotel Monteleone! It is the best and in a great location. It is home to the famous carousel bar! It spins in 15 minutes. It is on royal st and is walking distance to everything.

    Also there is Place d'Armes Hotel which across from Muriels and literally a few steps from jackson square.

    The Richelieu- IF you have a car they have FREE parking for hotel customers.

    My favs:

    The best po boy sandwich is Domilise's a little family owned place outside of the quarter and is cash only.This is a best kept secret. Also since it is Crawfish Season go to Yo Mamas bar and grill and get some boiled crawfish. There is the closest to going to crawfish boil!!

    My favorite drinks is the Planters Punch at Pat O's, Pimms Cup at the Napolean House, and bloody mary at the avenue pub uptown.

    Attractions: Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Cafe Du Monde, Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise(don't eat there the food is terrible),Moonwalk on the Mississippi, Audubon Zoo, Aquarium, Zoo/Aquarium Cruise, Imax, Audubon Insectarium, Royal St. Antiques, Magazine Street Shopping and Julia St Art Galleries, Check out the Architecture in the Garden District, Airboat Swamp tour, Mardi Gras World, Ride the Streetcar, New Orleans School of Cooking, Carriage Ride, City Park

    Plantations-Oak Alley, Madewood Plantation, Nottoway Plantation, Beauregard House at Chalmette Battlefield, Destrehan & Ormond Plantations

    Museum-Historic New Orleans Collection, Ogden, Dday, the cabildo, Pharmacy, Confederate Museum, US Mint, Historic New Orleans Collection, Childrens Museum

    Haunted Places-Le Petit Theater, The Pontalba, Pirates Alley, The Lalaurie House, Lanaux Mansion, St. Louis Cathedral, Lafittes Blacksmith shop, The Pharmacy, Ghost table at muriels, LaLaurie House, St. Louis Cemetery Number 1, Octoroon's House - 734 Royal Street, Cafe Lafite in Exile, Gardette-LePrete Haunted House, The Beauregard-Keyes House, Marie Laveau's House at 1020 St. Ann Street, The Creole Lady of Faubourg-Marigny at 734 Royal St, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 and 2


    Jaquimos( Best Alligator Cheesecake and blackened red fish),Rio Mar, Commanders Palace(MY FAV), Muriels(Turtle Soup, Goat Cheese Crepes, and Pecan crusted drum), Coffee Pot (FAVORITE RED BEANS and breakfast), Upperline( TURTLE SOUP and FISH PIQUANTE USA todays best dish), Lilette, Irenes, Galatoise- (Very famous and very good), Dick and Jennys-(EVERYTHING IS GREAT!), Napolean House( Great. LUNCH SPOT), One on Hampson( BEST DUCK GUMBO),

    Brennans( BRUNCH), Crepe Nanou,( Love their crepes and grilled AMBERJACK), Tommys Restaurant, Brigtsens ( Everything is AWESOME), Yo Mamas Bar and Grill- Best Hamburgers and Boil Crawfish during the season), Palace Cafe( PECAN CRUSTED FISH AND BLUE CRAB LEGS),

    Domileses(awesome poboys), Cochon( BEst cochon du lait), Coops, Clover Grill( open 24 hrs), Cafe du monde, Verti Marte(great po boys and delivers in quarter)

    New Restaurants- Sylvian, Green goddess, redemption, Stanley(great Breakfast), Bouligny Tavern(gastro pub)

    Drink in the Quarter! Pat O's, Lafittes Blacksmith shop, Absinthe House, Carousel Bar at the Monteleone hotel, bombay club

    favorite FQ BAR- Lafittes and Pat o's,

    Goldmine- place to dance in the quarter

    Local Bars not in the quarter- Victorian Lounge at the Columns, Bridge Lounge, Delachaise, fat harrys, Bull Dog, Balcony bar, St. Joes, brunos, rendezvous, Lucys retired surfers bar(warehouse district), Monkey Hill, Le Bontemps Roule,

    Local Dive Bars- Ms. Maes(cheap Drinks and open 24 hrs), Three Brothers,

    Snake and Jakes, F and M's, Maple Leaf Bar, Mayfair, Harrys,

    Snake and jakes and f and m's are both late night bars.)

    DIve bar in the quarter- Johnny Whites, Lafittes...


    Frenchman street has a lot of music clubs!!(snug Harbour, DBA, Spotted Cat)

    Tipitinas has cajun dancing every sunday night as long as there is no special events going on

    Maple Leaf Bar- Rebirth plays every Tuesday night and it right next door to the local favorite restaurant jaquimos!!!!Great music plays here!

    Le bon temps rouler- Soul rebels every Thursday

    Rock n Bowl-

    House of Blues

    Vaughns- Kermit Ruffins plays here a lot.

    Howlin Wolf-

    Preservation Hall- Serves no Alcohol so all ages are allowed to go in.

    Chickie Wa Wa-

    Snug Harbour-

    Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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    My activity takes me all over the place town - adding the reduce ninth ward, New Orleans East, and the westbank - day and night time. I am traditionally by myself and am now not armed or dressed in a uniform. The worst quandary I have encountered in 15 months was once being with politeness solicited for a handout through a bum at a fuel station throughout the sunlight hours. Almost all (now not all, however nearly) of the shootings and murders that occur in New Orleans are the effect of disputes among men and women invloved within the drug alternate. That does not make the crimes OK, however you fairly do not ought to fear approximately it except you intend to shop for or promote crack cocaine at the same time you're right here. The "traditional recommendation" is to pay concentration on your atmosphere, use the identical fundamental normal feel you wish to have in each town on this planet, and you are going to be high-quality. However, you intend to talk over with elements of town which are sill underpopulated so you'll be able to take pix. The elements of New Orleans which are suffering to recuperate seem unhealthy seeing that they're nonetheless closely broken and few men and women are living there. That could as a rule cause the issues approximately "abandoned" locations. Remember that no person was once ever robbed through an empty condominium.or vacant lot. Pay concentration on your emotions and simply pass the wrong way in the event you come across men and women who deliver you a nasty feeling. Good success!

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