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Goalies: How do you get over a tough loss?

I just played in my second game as goalie. I've played ice hockey for three years, but have been playing goalie for about a month or so. And I played in a game today for second string teams. (It's just a rec league.) And me and another goalie split the game. I played the first half. My one and only shot was a bad goal. I played the angle wrong. We lost the game, 1-0. I totally feel like the goat, and that it was my fault that we lost. I didn't have any saves, because that was the only shot they got on net, and it went in.

How do you get over feeling bad like this? I am really bummed.

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    I totally know how it's feel like, I've been through it. Goalie is a position that gives you a big responsibility, but that's also what I like about it. It's easy to blame goalies for losses, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's all your fault. Keep it mind that you haven't played net a lot, so it will take you time to get experience. Getting used to organized games might take a while since it's different than one on ones or even pick up/shinny. And keep in mind you didn't face other shots for challenge, so it was a combination of bad luck and bad play. No ones perfect, the important thing is to play at the best you can.

    - Learn from your mistake. Analyze your goals, if you can see the footage of it. Ask your teammates or your coach if you're not sure. See how it was given (where (five hole, top corner...)? where the player(s) were? what type of shot? the situation? your emotions at the moment? etc) Ask yourself what you can do to avoid this from happening again and what you can work on.

    - I've been a goalie for a few years know (mainly floor) and I sometimes give soft goals. You know, s*** happens...

    - Just forget about that game and focus on the next game and your performance. Don't think about other things than that.

    Also, before a game, I always have a pregame routine. Here are some tips:

    - if you're nervous, do relaxation. It could be tai-chi, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, or anything that works for you.

    - if you're looking to get pumped up, listen to aggressive and upbeat music like hip hop or rock. if you're looking to calm down, classical ambient or instrumental music is great.

    - do visualization. close your eyes, and imagine them see yourself making good saves and win. don't just see it, try to feel it! it will prepare you to what you will eventually face and you might be less anxious.

    - do inner self talk (not out loud of course lol). keep repeating to yourself ''I can do this!''

    - be motivated and trust yourself

    - don't get frustrated if you give a crap goal, always show confidence. otherwise it will show your opponents your weakness and they will take advantage of the situation/momentum and you definitely don't want that.

    - if a ritual or a lucky-charm can help you somehow in your performance, feel free to use one. however a good athlete know in their heart that they have a power on their game and abilities and won't attribute their loss to exterior factors such as the strength of your adversaries.

    - try hard to stay focused on your game. I know it's easier said than done but you have to find a way to block everything out, including the crowd.

    - remain optimistic. even if you play bad during a moment, forget about it and move on. don't think about the error or your weaknesses. don't ever go to a game thinking you're worse than someone or that you can't gain a victory.

    - see a psychologist or a sports psychologist if it's becoming a serious issue.

    Good luck for your other games. Remember as many people say: confidence is the key :)

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    I am sure you must be feeling down ~ but one thing to remember is it's not only the goalie that is to blame ~ you have a whole team of players with a job to do ~ keep the puck away from the goal ~ so don't beat yourself up about this ~ it is not your fault ~ it is a team game and a team responsibility ~ you will do better next time ~

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    I was a D-man in hockey and the best way to get over it is just practice and have fun for the next couple of days until your next game. Then when you have your next game just be prepared and pumped. Besides if you let in one goal and lose it isn't your fault. The offense just didn't get it going. There's no "I" in team dude.

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    just forget about the last game and go out and play your best the next game.remember your just one player on the team.

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    don't worry bout it because then your gunna lose confidence in yourself. You need confidence to Win!

    if you keep putting your head down you will never see the puck and it will go in; pick your head up have fun and you will win!

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