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My dog will not let me put her harness on.?

HELP ME PLEASE. My dog is a rescue case. She is very fearful. Her harness came off and she won"t let us put it back on. She starts growling and baring her teeth. We are beside our selves. We have tried ace as a relaxant so that she would be groggy enough to put it back on, but it did not have much of an effect on her. We love her so much but don't know what to do. She has not been out of the house for a week.

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    get her use to the harness . what you do is hold a treat or toy(whatever your dog likes better) in your hand so she cant get it then slowly start to slip the harness on then after the harness is on let your dog have the treat of toy then leave the harness on your dog so she gets used to the feeling of it.then over time your dog will realize that its ok to have a harness on

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    What Bluie said is good but, to add on:

    You should hold the treat in front of her nose, and touch her back where the harness would be. Let her have the treat. Leave her alone for a few minutes. Come back, and simply put the harness on the floor in front of you. Call her over to you, and put the treat on the harness. Let her eat it and walk away. Wait another few minutes. Call her back, and hold the harness in one hand and a tasty treat in the other. Hold the treat firmly while she is nibbling on it. Place the harness on her back at the same time, move slowly. Gently slide her legs through, while she's still distracted.

    Depending on how scared she is, this may take a couple attempts. If she becomes uninterested in the Milk Bones or whatever, use blocks of cheese or even some lunchmeat.

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    I would just take a time out and let her relax for a while. If she wants to go hide under the table- let her. Let her rest and calm down and you calm down and relax.

    Then get some really good treats and sit on the ground with the harness. Call her over with some noises if possible. Toss some treats toward her. If she comes close or sniffs the harness give her lots of treats but don't even attempt to put it on. Keep doing this a lot!!

    Is she afraid to let you touch her all the time? If this has been going on for a while and you can't do anything outside or any training because of it I would just hold her if she lets you touch her, quickly put a muzzle on her, and quickly/calmly put the harness back on.

    If she won't let you touch her at all i would devise a system of letting her go outside to relieve herself without you having to touch her/leash her/harness her. if you have a back door you could set up an x-pen around it so that there would be a small outdoor area.

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