Why does the bare sheet rock bubble when painted?

We removed the wallpaper and some of it tore the paper off the sheet rock. When we applied sealer /primer on the sheet rock, the paper skin started bubbling loose. How do we stop it?

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    9 years ago
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    It's an ugly situation, but the fix isn't too bad.

    First, make sure there is no water damage going on. If water is not an issue, then it's either a problem with them taped seams, or the facing of the drywall.

    Hopefully the problem is that the drywall tape is becoming loose. This can happen because of the solvents in wallpaper removal or water/paint coming in between the drywall and it's paper face.

    Either way, use a razor knife to remove the affected areas plus 1 or 2 inches.

    Retape any seams, then put a skim coat on any bare drywall. finish the drywall, then use a quality primer/sealer to get everything in place for painting.

    Hope this helps,


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    9 years ago

    Moisture has separated the sheet rock paper from the sheet rock itself that's a tough situation not sure how to stop it once it has started. Try painting thinner layers at a time instead of putting a lot of wet paint on at once.

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    Boy, I haven't any concept. i understand interior the previous days loos was once painted with the teeth paint and that i don't understand if water based primer might stick or not if that's what you used. As yet another poster mentioned, refer to the individuals on the paint shop. i might advise Duron, yet they at the instant are not open on Sunday, yet Sherwin-Williams opens at 10:00 a.m. and that they are the comparable (assuming u . s . a .). And as quickly as you get that discovered, then you definitely could desire to ascertain what form of paint will adhere to the primer you used. sturdy success. i'm interior the technique of eliminating wall paper and desire to paint, and that i'm questioning what form of primer to apply--kinda thinking of the water based Kilz. Hmmm.

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