Why are Filipinos always bragging about things? "FILIPINO PRIDE?" :s?

PS: I'm filipino. People here are weird. really. i am always playing call of duty 4 and it bothers me why philippine swat are so weak and NON tactical. They have poor camera movement in tv shows (watch Jabbawockeez in wowowee) And always brag about filipino pride or sumthng i dont get it. If manny pacquiao dies i dont know whats gona happen. And here is the real question.

WHAT do other countries think about filipinos? I am 14 and i think ALOT. I think deeply everyday. About life and everything even tho i shouldn't, and i think the filipinos should just shut up. and don't tell me to shut up though. i'm no wannabe american, i just hate filipinos much.

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    9 years ago
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    haha i feel your pain.. it's because the philippines had been invaded by the spanish, japanese and the americans that their originality has been diminished (for e.g. they copy american tv shows and korean culture etc.) and there is nothing in the history books for filipinos to be proud about.. which is why they brag about karaoke, hip hop dancing, lol anything that requires talent pretty much

    i'm half-samoan and half-scottish getting mistaken for filipino -.- but some of the fil-ams have tried claiming pacific islander which is funny but sad at the same time because it shows they don't want to be put in with the stereotypical east asian like the chinese, japanese and korean but then they also forgot the thai, vietnamese, malaysian and indonesians

    Living in Australia.. filipinos have their own community group here and it's based strictly on a sense of "pinoy pride". I've befriended a few filipinos and sadly to say the majority of them are often immature, egotistical and sensitive to criticism like if you talk smack about their government then watch out! D;

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    I'm Filipino too but what you see on the internet/media doesn't represent our whole country. I was born and raised in the Philippines but I'm really annoyed with this "Filipino Pride" thing too 'cause it's really taken out of context (Say for example, the Filipino girl from YouTube who got famous for covering Lady Gaga's song - the comments that I saw saying "Proud to be Filipino" ticked me off cause what does our nationality have anything to do with being good at singing/boxing/etc) and it's just plainly said too much.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of the Philippines because, even if it's not exactly the most beautiful and richest country on Earth, it's culture and community affected me and made me into what I am now.

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    That is a very bad assumption. All Filipinos have Spanish Blood. Everyone I know has one grandparent who is half or full Spanish. The full blooded Filipinos look very different and they are only 3 to 5 percent of the Philippines.

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    9 years ago

    No idea and other countries dont really care to think about filipinos.

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