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This girl is CONSTANTLY asking ridiculous favors! HELP!!!!!!?

I'm a senior & this sophomore who rides my bus (i only have my temps right now) won't leave me alone. When i first met her (at the beginning of the yr) she seemed really nice, but clearly she only acts that way to take advantage of people. Otherwise she's a VERY disrespectful person. These are just some of the favors she's asked me:borrow my ipod all day, use my phone part of the day,if i have an extra backpack, buy her a waterbottle,borrow jewelry,bring an igredient for a recipe,borrow $,help her with her homework, for my mom to give her a ride home from school, to draw her (im an artist),and even more than that. She texted me during lunch asking if i could do her a "big big big favor". I ignored it cuz it was probably to buy her lunch and i WON'T start that. I say no to every favor but she just doesn't quit! It's hard for me to be assertive. She's also called a few times. The only way to blcock a # on my phone is to block everyone but contacts & i don't wanna do that. I dont wanna change my # either. Help!

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    Don't even bother trying to be nice now, obviously you've tried and it hasn't worked. Tell her no, flat-out. Just say something like, "I feel like you're using me and being my friend just to get stuff and I really don't appreciate it. I'll be your friend when you stop asking me for favors."

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    Do you know what her life is like at home? She could be kind of poor and not have a lot and maybe that's why she's asking you for so much. If this is the case, then you're probably not the only one she's asking favors for.

    Or, what other people have been doing, just say no. I've had problems like this and I would not answer any calls or texts from her. I would not take the bus to school (unless it is really the only way there) and try to get a ride from a friend or just walk.

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    Looks like she's not going to take the hint, so find a way to tell her no directly. That's the only way it's going to stop.

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    Just tell her NO firmly. Don't let her take advantage of you girl. Good luck:)

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  • Just say no. Tell her that you feel that she's taking advantage of you and that you won't stand for it.

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    Really, "NO" enough times works. Even when she calls, DO answer and just say "NO."

    Good luck! People like that suck:|

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    Punch her.

    hahaaaa-I made myself laugh.

    Just stop responding and just say no.

    Good luck :)

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    Just tell her no persistently and she'll learn to leave you alone.

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    Tell her NO and to leave you alone. Tell her that you don't like her.

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