Is there a good chance my swollen lymph node is not cancer? Please help?

am 20, found lump on left side of neck 4 months ago( December 2010). It can only be felt NOT seen. Anyway, I went to my doctor this week Monday, he took some blood work(Monday), I was given antibiotics(Monday 7 day course of meds), was prescribed nasal allergies( I do have VERY bad allergies I am allergic to everything environmental and foods and have indoor and out door allergies, plus I own a dog and was breaking out in hives for 2 years, but this year it stopped and I am asthmatic) and I did a chest X-ray on Tuesday, and now I am anxiously awaiting results. To get to my point the lymph node that I have in my neck tends to get bigger then smaller, bigger then smaller. Like its never fully gone. Last week monday I woke up with a sore throat and the lymph node/ lump in my neck was VERY swollen and shapely like it had dimensions. Now today it feels much flatter, softer, and harder to feel, but its still there. What are my chances that its nothing serious? I do have a habit of touching it ALOT, but am trying to stop. Also the same day I came from my doctor I found two more swollen lymph nodes. One in my neck and the other above my collar bone all on the left side. Plus I have been sick for a week with a runny congested nose, a small cough, sore throat and tongue, and mucus was coming up yellow( sry to be descriptive).

This is going to be my last time asking these questions and I don't want to come off as a hypochondriac. I just need reassurance as this is a difficult time for me. I haven't even told my family what's going on in my life right now. My doctor wants to send me to an ENT( Ear, nose and throat doctor) if it doesn't go away in two weeks after I finish my antibiotics. I think the part that bothers me the most was the fact my doctor had a worried look on his face he was trying to hide. It wasn't until I asked him "What's worse case scenario?" He brought up the "C" words.

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    9 years ago
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    Your lymph nodes are there to remove poisons, toxins and anything your immune system kills. Caffeine is an example of what the lymph nodes process and remove along with anything else that you breath or consume that isn't food. You bowels remove food or organic material your lymph nodes remove everything that is absorbed systemically throughout your body.

    When you use antiperspirants you block the bulk of your lymph nodes which causes a severe backup of waste which consequently leaves you with more chance for infection. There are thousands of pathogens that can cause infections in the lymph nodes which is why your doctor is winging it with some antibiotics. Winging it doesn't mean it isn't the proper step, it just means it is the best thing to try first.

    Your immune system is fully capable if allowed to overcome the infection but the immune system must be given an edge. Your immune system does 90% of its work while you sleep because it doesn't have to compete with all your conscious system that are running throughout the day. At night you shut down just about everything but your subconscious and that is when it shines.

    Sleep more, at least take a break from antiperspirants and deodorants until your lymphatic system makes a full recovery. Drink more pure water to let your kidneys do more waste removal and avoid anything that isn't a food that can burned as energy. Because fungus can be causing the swelling in your lymph node it isn't a bad idea to cut way back on carbs and sugars. An short Atkins diet can suffice.

    Put more faith in your God given immunity if you believe in God or put more faith in evolution if you believe in that. This can help you remove stress and fear, both of which severely hinder immunity. Stress is more deadly than any pathogen. 8 hours of sleep is not enough if you are under any stress at all. The more stress the more sleep a person needs.

    Treat your body like it is the only one you have for a couple of weeks and you may notice complete relief in only a few days. Sleep, drink more water, avoid products that are not food and avoid carbs and sugars while laying off the pit rubs and sit back and watch what your body can do. Watch funny movies and TV and avoid as much stress as you can. You are 20 years old, plenty of youth and plenty of immunity at your disposal but you must take a proactive role. There are no products to boost immunity, it runs on calories just like everything else in your body. Keep it simple and get your of it's way.

    I hope that helps. It's always scary to have a lymph node swell up but don't let all the hoopla about cancer get the best of you. The hoopla and propaganda is as deadly as cancer itself.

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  • 9 years ago

    If it hurts, it most likely isn't cancer. Cancer lumps don't usually hurt.

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  • 9 years ago

    it could be mono.

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