What is a critical analysis paper?

I do not understand what a critical analysis paper is. What needs to be included in this paper?

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    ur in HS right?

    ok crit analysis papers are simple it goes like this:

    first choose a topic that has a debate-able argument and counterargument (if youve been assigned one even better...)

    then think of an out of the box way to argue for/against something related to that subject.

    for example if the subject was about the capital punishment you would choose a side and defend it and give why YOU feel that way and why YOU believe that is right using evidence from research or provided material.

    once you have an argument/thesis, you plan out a structure like:

    1. i will first discuss this and this pros and cons blah blah blah...

    2. then i will show some statistics...

    3. then religion...

    4. then objective moral standards of human beings..

    5. then why i believe this and this and this...

    6. then bring in the evidence and defense for you claim...

    7. conclude and repeat a bit of everything you just said...

    Ive been writing a couple essays this semester and this just came off the top of my head, it does NOT mean you should follow this, it just an example to get the ball rolling. brainstorm and good luck... always remember to organize your ideas and lay them out on paper so readers can follow and have a clear understanding of what you are trying to argue for/against.

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