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What are some of the features website builder software should have?

To build my own business website I am in need of website builder software. But I have no idea about it. Please share the features that I have to looking for in the software.

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    Best (and easiest) 2 I've played around with is "Netobjects Fusion" + an assortment of programmes from "Coffecup Software". I mostly use Netobjects Fusion (available in free + paid for versions), which is so easy to use you could almost build a website blindfolded.

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    With the help of Web site builder software, you can easily design and publish a very professional looking Web site. This software enables you to incorporate graphics, fonts, video and audio in your Web site. While shopping for Web site software, consider the following:

    1. It should have e-commerce features available so you can sell your services or products online.

    2. It should be capable of incorporating JavaScript and other types of scripts.

    3. The software should have a built-in FTP function.

    4. It should have the capacity to include video, audio, and flash animation.

    5. It should allow you direct editing of HTML code.

    6. It should come with an extensive library of clip art, buttons, still images, and animated GIFs.

    7. You should also have access to the basic graphic functions.

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    Seriously... When you have no idea about it you shouldn't do it. Websites are important these days and there are a lot of things you can do wrong. Id you want a professional looking site you should hire someone who has at least a bit experience.

    Costs are about 500 to 2000$ for a regular website. But its a neccesary investion.

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    A good website builder must have:

    - user management;

    - unlimited bandwidth;

    - FTP;

    - full CSS and HTML control;

    - own domain attachment;

    - page builder;

    - ecommerce module;

    - forum module;

    - email forms;


    I suggest you try

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