how do you request info from Stars Center LASD Academy?

I'm interested in joining this police academy but not for another year and a half, where at the facility can I get info from?

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    9 years ago
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    You should contact the tack staff office (that is were the officers that run the LASD academy are). The tack staff can give you info on the academy and what it is like, they can also give you info on the pre-academy (this is a class that meets one time a week for a month of so, so you can see what academy life is like and give you tips for the academy and the hiring process. You should also go to the LASD web site and fill out a application. You might also want apply to become a correction assistant, that will also help you get hired in the future for the position of deputy sheriff.

    Source(s): current law enforcement officer 10 years
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