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吉慶圍的特色,兩個,各50 字,用英文 ??



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    Kat Hing Wai


    Just outside the town of Yuen Long is the Kat Hing Wai Walled Village, built about 500 years ago during the Ming dynasty. The rectangular-shaped village constructed mostly with blue brick walls, is still inhabited by the descendants of the Tang clan, one of the five big clans to settle in the New Territories. The villagers, Hakka people, who still wear wide-brimmed hats covered with black cloth, built walls around their villages to keep out rival clans and marauding bands of pirates.

    The village has a fascinating history and a tour around is a great glimpse into the intriguing past of these settlers. Once upon a time, even tigers prowled this area. While some of the old houses have been replaced with more modern dwellings, this walled village features guardhouse towers and a moat.

    When the British occupied the New Territories, the British army looted the village's iron gate and shipped it back to Britain. The British government returned it to Kat Hing Wai in 1924.

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