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maak asked in 社會及文化語言 · 9 years ago


following article is copied from south china morning post:

Rule of law best option for Mei Foo protesters

'Development Hong Kong-style is such that,day-to-day, there is no certainty

about our surroudings in all but the most exclusive areas. Where there may now be peace,tranquility and an all-important view, there could arise tomorrow yet another towering block of flats and shops that bring noise,bustle and nothing but windows and walls to look at .It is a prospect faced by hundreds resident of private estate in Mai Foo who are fighting construction of high-rise building on a site just meters from their homes. The government says the project is lawaful but the homeoners claim otherwise,

leaving open the possibility of a judicial review against the plans-for which the protesters can at least be comforted by rule of law.'

I cant get the meaning of the article, even though i know most of the word here,plz translate to chinese for me -.-''

尤其是呢幾句 --》 'day-to-day' 'exclusive areas' 'all-improtant view' '..arise tomorrow yet' ‘...bring noise,bustle and nothing but windows and walls to look at'


Q.1 such that 同is that有咩分別?

Q.2 'Where there may...' where唔系應該擺系句子中間咩?

q.3 請求yet的意思及詳細用法。。。

q.4The government says the project is lawaful but the homeoners claim otherwise,<------


plz,plz,plz help me !



thanks,your answser is very useful to me.

my english is so poor to determine which of you are correct or have a better english,

could you please help me to translate the following

contents to english:

Update 2:



什麼‘If I were you, I wouldn't say anything. Instead, I would be humble enough to find out mistakes myself and seek ways for improvement.’





Update 3:

one more question:

q.1 does the word 'where' in these content

refers to 'the most exclusive areas?

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  • 9 years ago
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    My penpower doesn't work, so I can't give you a translation, but I can re-write the article in simplier English. Hope that helps.

    Mei Foo protesters have to rely on a review of the law as their best option

    'Hong Kong-style development by the construction industry has gotten to the stage that, from one day to the next, there is no certainty about our surroudings, in all areas except the most expensive and high class areas. For places where there may now be peace,tranquility and a view, which is very important, by tomorrow another towering block of flats and shops could once again be built, which will bring noise and bustle, and block the views so that there will be nothing except windows and walls for the current residents to look at. This is likely to happen for hundreds of private estate residents in Mai Foo who are fighting againtst construction of high-rise building on a site just meters from their homes. The government says the project is lawaful but the homeoners claim that it isn't. This may lead to the possibility of a review of the laws governing the construction plans, so that at least the protesters can have the comfort of knowing that the ruling on the laws could be in thier favor."

    1) "such that" = becomes such a way that; the meaning is close to "is that", but it carries the extra meaning that it wasn't like this before, but it has become like this now.

    2) "where there may". As indicated in my re-write, there is a "In places" before "where" which is omitted, so "where" becomes located at the beginning.

    3) "yet" in this context means "once again" and "not finished" or "still".


    There may be yet (once again) another surprise test next week.

    I have yet (still) more homework to do before I can go to bed.

    4) "otherwise" in this context means "other than that". So if the government claims the building is lawful, the residents' claim is that it is unlawful.

    2011-04-11 12:54:30 補充:

    correction to ed_young's answer.

    Paragraph 2: gotten to the state (not stage).

    2011-04-12 08:46:39 補充:


    Launching an attack on my English wouldn't make you an expert. I have never claimed to be flawless in English, although I don't think mine is at par with yours. The unfortunate reality for you is that the more you criticise others, the more you expose your problem with the language.

    2011-04-12 13:23:04 補充:

    It is rather interesting to hear you make such a proposition, which I believe is best suited for yourself. You really should review what you have written, before critisizing others. You wrote: "what is this mean in Chinese, ha?", and you called my English Chinglish ?

    2011-04-12 13:50:45 補充:


    I think you should calm down, because you seem to make a lot more grammatical mistakes as you get more emotional. It may be entertaining but I can't bear to see you humiliate yourself like this any more.

    2011-04-13 08:24:19 補充:


    I don't really have a problem being a typical Chinese. So what are you? An Englishman or American who can't write proper English, or a Chinese pretending not to be one?

    2011-04-13 08:25:18 補充:

    So far you have not wriiten a single message that is error free, and all of your criticism on my English simply displayed the weakness in your English knowledge.

    2011-04-13 08:26:48 補充:

    I don't have to argue with you, because the readers will make the judgement, and your messages speak for themselves. I am very confident they are not laughing at me.

    You are nothing but a loser who has to resort to using abusive language in an argument.

    2011-04-13 08:56:48 補充:

    Hi Maak:

    "Where" in the article refers to places like Mei Foo, where ordinary people live, outside the exclusive areas. In the exclusive areas, the rich pople do not have to worry about new highrises blocking their view, because they can easily buy up the land.

    2011-04-13 13:12:51 補充:


    You may not be a comedian, but you sure are very funny. You think you are allowed to make mistakes and mislead others because you didn't call yourself a professional. You think I called myself a professional so I am not supposed to make mistakes.

    2011-04-13 13:23:57 補充:

    You also think that whatever we write won't matter anyway, since the readers can't tell the difference between right and wrong. The funniest of all, is when you asked me to learn English from you. You think I will be very proud when my English becomes like yours ?

    2011-04-14 09:57:38 補充:

    Thanks steve for the wake up call.

    I'll rest my case.

    Source(s): my past learning
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  • 9 years ago

    For ed_Young and and Radioman, having seen your "unlimited" arguments in the yahoo knowledge platform, I have been feeling very sad and unforgiveable that you two are attacking eachother for a few days.

    2011-04-13 18:29:38 補充:

    Remember the purpose of the establishment of Yahoo Knowledge is to provide a place for internet users to raise questions and share their understandings as well as their knowledge in a polite, kind and generous manner.

    2011-04-13 18:31:06 補充:

    However you two seem to have ruined this wonderful place, whats going on here?

    Once again, please respect people who contribute themselves in Yahoo Knowledge. Wrong and errors are acceptable.

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