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{超急!!} 英文討論(10點)*


You and two other members of the English Club are going to help organise a story-telling competition. You meet to discuss the plan for the competition.

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    English Speech about the story-telling competition Hi, everyone. We are going to discuss about the coming English story-telling competition. I am very glad that all two of you are willing to spend time on arranging this program and responsible to taking charge of it. However, how should we structure the whole activity in order to run it smoothly? In my personal opinion, I prefer all the students in every class should participate in this story telling competition. During the 1st round selection, students in their respective classes may have an inter-class selection. All the students are advised to prepare a well-known story to perform individually in their own classes. After this round of recruitment, the 3 best actors in each class can enter to the inter-form story telling competition. However, remember that for those who can enter this 2nd round of competition, they should keep using the same story which will be told previously. Similar to what I have mentioned recently, the final round will be the ultimate match, providing the most amazing, astounding and heart-stirring chance for the cross form story tellers to show off their superb story telling talents, especially their unique skills. There should only have 2 students in each form. But one thing is to be noted, the 2 students in each form are requested to pair up with eachother. In this final round, they should prepare a total new story in order to join the competition. They will perform in front of the school during assembly time. 10 teachers and 30 students will be chosen randomly to be the judges of the competitions. Only 1 pair of the competitors can be the champion. Do you have any more to add? Remark: You should re-organize this speech in order to best fit the group discussion. Do not read this entire article at once, instead, you should divide them up when it is yr turn to speak. Also, you can use this article as a platform for you to extend your idea or opinion.

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