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if you sing me a song a simple word to cheer me up....

then I will take this walk until you decide which way you go...





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    歌名:A Dialogue Between Me & My Ghost






    ME: if you would sing me a song

    a simple one would cheer me up

    then I would take this walk

    but you decide which way to go

    in my life , there were doubts

    different kinds that made me frown

    in my dreams , you were found

    I must be haunted

    ME: if you would write me a poem

    just simple lines would make things work

    then I would find you a home

    where mountains high and water flows

    all my life , I fooled around

    though I've tried to settle down

    in my dreams , you pronounced that

    I've been haunted by now ...

    ME: if you would help me grow (MY GHOST: I will help you grow)

    some pretty flowers and st.jhon's worts (My GHOST: st.john's worts)

    then I would take it slow (MY GHOST: you must take it slow)

    to stay alive a few years more (MY GHOST: please stay alive)

    all my life I've been drowned by (MY GHOST: you've been drowned)

    all these wines and all the crowd (MY GHOST: by the crowed)

    in my dreams , you made me proud (MY GHOST: Imade you proud)

    but still we're haunted,

    so haunted right now ... (MY GHOST: so haunted right now ...)

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