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I need to lose weight and gain speed for sports.?

Im in 8th grade going to high school next year.

I play baseball and im 5'6 183 pounds.

So im pretty big

Im really comitted into losing a large amount of weight and i need to fast.

Every morning im willing to wake up early and excersise... run... do pull ups push ups sit ups etc.

however, i need to know what exactly to do.

I really appreciate it,


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    Heres what you do. I went through a similar thin after a knee injury. I put on weight and had to cut it for sports. Running is an amazing way to start. Go for a job every morning. Do as many push ups and sit ups that you can do. Grab a big glass of milk and hit the showers. The reason you want to drink milk is because its high in protein which is the key element to building muscles. For breakfast, have a couple bananas and some fruits. You get the required nutrients and less fat to go with. With summer coming up, look for reasons to be outside. Whether its manual labour or going for a job. As long as you're doing activity you will be loosing weight. Whenever you feel the need to play xbox or something like that, supplement it with going for a bike ride. That way when you get back and want to sit down and play. You feel like you earned it. Good luck!

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    you need to do some cardio exercis on a empty stomach to burn fat storage quicker.... so before breakfast do the cardio exercise for the first month.. to fast track fat loss

    like going for a jog, or using a treadmill... then after eat breakfast

    then after that month u can switch your cardio exercise to regular times..

    avoid sugary foods, and lots of excess carbs... eat more vegetables and proteins

    it will be good to do a combination of cardio and resistance training..

    i like the SPARCTUS 300 workout... u should do it at home...

    Youtube thumbnail

    here is the video

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    Control ur food habit. U can also use Jim with a strong diet control.

    Ginger tea is better for this.

    Be regular in ur routine.Its more effective.

    Best of luck.

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