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Are we experiencing a third red scare?

There are a lot of Americans (particularly from the right) who fear that we have a Communist in office. I recently did a research paper about the Red Scare (first and second), and their seem to be some similarities between those and whats happening right now. The right-wing media is constantly labeling Obama a Communist, with no evidence to back up the claim. They are constantly feeding the people that Obamas administration is a Communist one, and there are a LOT of people out there who truly believe this. It seems similar to what McCarthy did to Truman in the early 50s. Also very similar to the first red scare where labor unions were labeled Communists, and people believed a revolution was at hand. During both Red Scares, nothing ever happened and it was largely fed by the media. People really believed that America was on the brink of becoming a Communist state. Are we experiencing another red scare, albeit to a lesser extent?


Theirs no denying that the Soviet threat was real, im talking about the internal threat. Soviet spies and Communists were infiltrating the country but was being exploited by McCarthy to further his political support. He accused so many of being Communists, including Truman himself, journalists, and anybody who opposed him. Simply being labeled Communist by McCarthy could ruin ones career. In the end it was known that many people he accused weren't associated with Communism at all. Some were discovered to be Communist by the House of Un-American Activities Committee, but those that McCarthy were accusing was simply for his political agenda. The threat of Communism was very real, but exploited by media and politicians to garner support and keep people in constant fear.

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    The neocons use fear of this or that to keep the political right motivated to support them. It's a shame that so many are taken in by the propaganda ... Think of all the fear mongering they have been doing since G.W. Bush took office. The latest is that after eight years of "deficits don't matter" and nearly collapsing our financial system, the neocons suddenly became concerned with the deficit and have been hard at work instilling fear of Democratic fiscal policies with the promise that Republicans, the ones who got us into this mess, are the only ones who can fix it. It's a load of crap. But, fear mongering pays off. Unfortunately, many on the right are quick to follow because they believe that if they hear it on Fox News or right wing talk radio, it must be the truth ... and no one is likely to sway them from that belief.

    So it's not a red scare that's going on. It's just the neocons putting fear into the hearts of as many Republicans as they can. Next week it could be something different. But, one thing you can be sure of ... the neocons will continuously strive to keep fear alive in one form or another as a way to maintain support from rank and file Republicans.

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    What a silly ill informed post The USSR told us they would hang us and we would sell them the rope they would bury us They tried to place missile in Cuba they had taken over half the world they openly said their goal was world domination and you come on here an say ''what the big deal nothing happen ''

    Most likely public school liberal parents waste of space

    Mr Truman called Stalin Uncle Joe Mr Truman become very upset with Mr Churchill when he came to America and told us of the evils of the communist and talked of the iron curtain he offered to send a ship over to bring Stalin to America to counter Mr Churchill Stalin would not fly

    FDR wife took a trip to Russia and came back to tell Americans how heroic she felt the Russians were many Americas were communist at that time Mr McCarthy felt they should not be working for our government and they should not have ,it has come to light with the release of information that indeed they had infiltrated our government some were advisers to FDR and Mr Truman Just look at yahoo share the wealth blame America hell they could be communist in heart beat they hate our capitalist system and would love to see it fail

    Mr McCarthy was right he said he could give the name of 57 that worked for the government they mocked that ''like the ketchup ha ha he he'' One was a black cleaning lady she was called and ask about Carl Marx she played the stupid role ''who do you mean the Marx bros?'' she worked cleaning the decoding room and indeed was a communist the daliy worker was delivered to her apt

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    Why do you think "nothing happened"?

    See a threat, be pro-active. It's how natural selection in human idealism evolves.

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    no not red sacre

    let me check scare time lime


    red people



    the south




    germans japensies






    ok i think musleine time to be use as boogey man

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    Americans are stupid. Thats all I have to say to that.

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    Source(s): my friend s sister is A COMMUNIST
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    Good point.


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