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Marine corps, entering boot camp as a PFC?

I heard you can enter boot camp as a PFC E-2, and that you can do so by having a certain amount of college credits. Is this true, and do you have to a certain GPA to do so. And also, if I do go into boot as a PFC, does that mean at graduation I would be promoted to E-3?

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    You can ship out to boot camp as an E2 if you have 15 college credits- GPA is irrelevant.

    You will need 9 months time in service before you can pick up E3 (So 6 months after boot camp you will become an E3). There is ONE guy out of a company of about 500 that will graduate as an E3 (Honor Grad).

    However, just so you know, when you are going through boot camp, you are a recruit just like everyone else. You are not allowed to wear E2 insignia, you get no special privileges, etc. (You get to wear your rank after the Crucible and everyone is now a Marine).

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    no , you won't be promoted because by that time (god forbid) an IED will get you. sry but it happened to many enlisted men i know.

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