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Adding to my thin tb's feed?

i have a 12 year old tb, the vet has been out and he is very healthly no worms/ teeth problems. he gets 3lbs of triple crown senior twice a day. 3-4 flakes of hay a day, he is in light/ med work i ride 2-4 times a week and is still ribby with a body score of 4. i was wondering if adding anything would help ie rice bran, oil, beet pulp would help gain weight without being hyper?


he goes out 14 hours a day and spends alot of time at the round bale or eating grass. i can only get 4 flakes at night also is boarded and cannot give three meals....

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    My tb eats practically a whole bale of hay a day .

    If I were youni would let your horse have access to ad lib hay ( hay all the time) they will then eat exactly what they need.

    I don't think you are feeding anywhere near enough roughage to be honest.

    Now with regards to hard feed every person will have a different idea on how to feed an underweight or poor doer so you will probably get a mountain of conflicting advice.

    The main thing is not to change his food too drastically too quickly and any changes need to be done gradually.

    My tb is now 29 years old and has always been a bit of a nightmare keeping weight on. I tried all types of weight gain pellets and feeds and nothing really cracked it . One day my instructor told me to feed him on fibre pellets w

    Along with his veteran mix and chaff and my god I have never looked back.

    I have also passed this advice on to others who have had weight problems and all say the same thing.

    My horse has three feeds a day so as not to give him too huge a feed all at once as so many people make this mistake and horses stomachs are small and cannot take huge amounts so pumping large feeds into them is a waste of time and money.

    Try add g an extra feed to your horses day and bump up the hay.

    Also does he get out on much grass.

    Spring grass is a wonderful cure all.

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