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In the book Animal Farm, how does Napoleon demonstrate power and corruption?

I need to write an essay and need three examples of how power causes corruption. How does the pig show this?

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    I have to write an essay too. Napoleon makes himself leader, and with his power he gives himself and the pigs higher benefits than the rest of the animals. He uses his nine vicious dogs as a military force to consolidate his power and intimidate the other animals. He forces the animals to work hard saying, "You wouldn't want Jones to come back." Hope this helps :)

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    Corruption In Animal Farm

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    I think he eats the chickens, pisses on their plans, and kills the old plodder horse once he can no longer work. But you better check since I read that book 40 years age. There is much more like that, that the pig does as well.

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    You can check by looking at sparknotes or Both sites have very good sections on this book.

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