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Do any of you know any facts about Thomas and Rebecca Alexander-Morgan? (Nancy Morgan Hart's parents)?

I am doing a report on Nancy Morgan Hart and I need to know more info about her parents.

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    "Her parentage has not positively been proven. Traditionally and many records have claimed her father and mother were Thomas and Rebecca Alexander Morgan. However, more recent evidence strongly indicates the possibility that her parents were actually Mark Morgan and Sarah."


    The family tree info on this web page gives Mark Morgan (born about 1718, Middlesex County, Virginia) and Sarah Hinton (born about 1718, Middlesex County, Virginia) as her parents:

    "Nancy Morgan who became the famous 'Nancy Hart', believed to have been the daughter of BG (Brigadier General?) Daniel Morgan, American Revolution."


    ". . . Mark Morgan (1712-1792), obtained 400 acres of land on a land patent in Bladen County, North Carolina on October 9, 1747, a section later spun off forming today’s Orange County. The property joined the South side of the South branch of Newhope called Morgan Creek, which runs into the Cape Fear river. Mark lived there with his wife Sarah Hinton for the balance of his life. Their son, John Morgan (1742-1800) sold his part of his father’s estate in 1785 and moved to Moore County, North Carolina. Little is known of [him]. . . but a sibling of John’s was Nancy Ann Morgan, whose married name was Nancy Morgan Hart."


    I realize this info isn't about a Thomas and Rebecca Alexander Morgan, but the info I found indicates that they were not the parents of Nancy Morgan Hart and that Mark Morgan and Sarah Hinton Morgan were her parents.

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    Nancy Morgan Hart Facts

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