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What's the name of this lifetime movie?

Okay, so i remember watching this movie with my mom when i was a little younger, and it was on Lifetime and it really interested me & i wanted to watch it again, Here's some of the things i remember about it...

-There was 3 girls going on vacation.

-They were going to Florida (I Think)

-Looked like it took place around 80's/Early 90's.

-They had to rent a car (White Ford Mustang)

-One of them was going to be a reporter for the local news.

-They were driving drunk and hit a pedestrian, after wards threw him off to the side of the road.

-They had to get the car fixed, because the pedestrian had dented the hood and busted the windshield.

-They girl that was the news reported left her beer cup or whatever at the seen with her DNA on it(by mistake.)

-They got away with it for a while, and i forgot how the man was found...

-But, then the reporter girl had to go back out to the seen and do a broadcast on him.

- Then the girls went back home and turned in the car, and the car rental company noticed that there was a new hood on it b/c the old on had a chip on the paint or something, i dunno, Can't remember.

-Then they went back for something (This is when my memory starts to fade.)

- And the reporter girl was put in jail, because her DNA was at the seen.

- And then one of the other girls killed themselves and i just can't remember what happened to the other girl...

Anyways, if you know the name of this movie please, please answer this question ASAP. Thanks for lookingg. :)


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    Dead Silence (1991 TV movie)

    starring Renée Estevez, Lisanne Falk, Carrie Mitchum, Steven Brill, Claudette Nevins, Tim Russ

    IMDb review:

    Driving to Palm Springs to spend Spring Break, college students Zanna Joanie and Sunnie expect to have nothing but a good time in the Pacific Coast town. Sunnie, a top reporter back at her college newspaper, has landed a job at the local TV station and plans to celebrate. Renting a car and getting a bit drunk, the girls take a ride out into the desert, with Sunnie behind the wheel. Taking her eyes of the road while Zanna and Joanie are horsing around, Sunnie does not see a hitchhiker till too late. The impact kills the man, whom they judge to be homeless from his apparel and belongings. Panic-stricken at what happened and how it would effect their lives, they do not report the accident. ***SPOILER*** Joanie has a serious emotional breakdown that leads to her killing herself by jumping off the roof of the hotel that she and Zanna are staying at into the swimming pool.

    Here's a clip from the movie:

    Youtube thumbnail

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