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I'm trying to figure out the % on just matching 4, or 5 numbers of the IL state lottery?

Let's say the Pot is 10 million and you match 4 how much do you get do you get a flat rate? Or do you split it among other people who match 4, lets just say for example 100 people match 4?

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    I gave "Thumbs Up" too quickly this time.

    It's actually a parimutuel payout for 4 & 5 numbers if you're talking about the Illinois Lotto.

    That means it varies from draw to draw, and yes - it depends on how many people hit 4 or 5 numbers, too.

    The most recent drawing gave $27.50 to 4 numbers, and $814.50 to 5 numbers. By the way - that seems VERY low! Either Illinois is particularly cheap with their payouts, or there were a TON of people that hit 4 & 5 numbers compared to most drawings.

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    flat rate. The prizes are on the website.

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