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How do I deal with my luggage at Vancouver Airport? O'Hare to HK?

I am on a flight from O'Hare to Hong Kong but will my luggage be transferring from UA to Air Canada at Vancouver.

O'Hare >>> Vancouver

Vancouver >>> Hong Kong

Will my baggage be shipped directly to Hong Kong and then pick it up? Or do I have to pick up my luggage at Vancouver Airport and then go through the immigration gate and then go to international terminal?

I am so confused can somebody please help?



Do I need to come out of the terminal and then go back into check in?

Which Check in should I go to if I am US citizen going to HK?

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    UA and Air Canada are Star Alliance partners with interline ticketing and baggage forwarding agreements. UA will provide boarding passes for both your flights and forward your luggage through to HK when checking in online or at the airport. When transferring in Vancouver, stay in the airside transit or transfer area of the airport and there is no need to clear immigration or customs, just go from the arrivals area to the departure area to find your gate.

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    Just make sure you checkin to your connection flight atleast an hour before your take off and you will be good. They will move the luggage for you. Also, a lot of airlines now allow you to checkin online or through your phone within 24 hours of your flight. That's what I would do. So atleast you will not have to worry and they know you are on the flight.

    Plus the earlier you checkin the better chance you have of not getting bumped off a flight if they are overbooked and they have no volunteers. Like I said you can check in up to 24 hours for ur flights on the airlines website via the computer or phone.

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