physics mobile torque question?

physics mobile torque question?

A mobile of toy penguins hang from a ceiling. Each cross bar is horizontal, has negligible mass, and extends three times as far to the right of the wire it as to the left. Penguin 1 has mass m1=48 kg. What are the masses of a) penguin 2, (b) penguin 3 (c) penguin 4.

Penguin 1 is all the way to the left.

explain and show steps, the ans is penguin 1=12 kg penguin 2=3 kg and penguin 3 equals 4 kg

how do you solve this using torque equations, there are like 3 axis of rotation and it's complicated its one on top of other, or can you use proporitonaliyt

explain and show steps

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  • 9 years ago
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    You must have missed part of the question out. How many bars? Two, I'd guess. Which penguins are on which bars? Are you given any other information like total mass?

    If the bars are balanced horizontally with 2 masses: M1 on the left side and M2 on the right side

    M1x L = M2 x 3L (clockwise torque = anticlockwise torque

    M1/M2 =3

    Does that help?

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  • 3 years ago

    Torque Mobile Physics

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