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Don't you think many politicians in india will find it difficult to survive if anti corruption bill is passed?

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    The BURNING Question!!

    Unfortunately, a majority of our politicians in India have no independent source of income since they are not educated and/or skilled enough to find a reasonably well paid job. The 'corruption and graft' industry becomes their sole stream of income. With elections at least once every 5 years, the politician is infested heavily with a sense of insecurity which results in the tendency for overzealous accumulation of ill-gotten wealth while 'power' lasts.

    Corruption lives on the back of power to flout the laws without getting punished for it. If laws could not be flouted, corruption would be dead.

    Therefore, it is unrealistic to believe that a new law specifically created to punish politicians found guilty of graft or corruption, can work effectively and successfully.... along with all other laws, this one too would be subject to manipulations by the powerful politicians, perhaps with the help of a closer nexus coming into place between the politicians and the criminals in order to exert even greater influence on the 'system of justice'.

    The only foolproof way to eradicate corruption is for people to stop seeking undue favours and refuse to pay bribes or graft money etc. If you ask me, this seems even more difficult and unlikely than proper implementation of an anti-corruption law.

    It is indeed a sad state of affairs and when I look at it deeply, I find it taking me all over again to the same old story of the malaise due to overly materialistic attitude to life and the pressing need today for some spiritual orientation which should be inspired by morality and humanity rather than narrow sectoral minded Religion.

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  • 9 years ago

    Definitely NOT. The politicians are not politicians by birth and they did not enter into politics for survival or earning or income, but to the contrary, they earnestly wanted their country's / societies' welfare and purity with special emphasis to his/her own name behind it and thus the fame.

    This is the natural and true spirit of each individual.

    If any politician is recruited by any private or public sector or even government service, he would never be successful. If he is entrusted a business , still he would not win. These are called the"practical experience of his/her life" and to the question of "why he entered or involved in Politics, his answer would always be 'enjoyment' only.

    Meanwhile, if the general donkeys (public) pay by cash or products, the politician in question, may become unable to accept or deny and thus such scandal comes out for 'corruption'. Corruption is a result of the close relationship between the RULER and RULED (Administrators and the general public). This relationship is being converted to direct from indirect (that lead to bureaucracy and other systems).

    So, anti-corruption bill is passed, the Judiciary can have more files in their wrack, since corruption is the loose tie of Administration. Without any bill, this tie should be tightened as was done during 1976-78 (Emergency).

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  • 9 years ago

    Breaking News: Loksabhapal Politician Bill to Protect them is being tabled secretly. President: Laluprasad, secretary A Raja, Members, Qattrochi, Yeddyurappa, Karunanidhi, Mayavati, Jayalalitha, etc who has crossed at least 10000 crores of dwindling public money.

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  • 9 years ago

    in our country, laws are never implemented with full force because the top politicians and beurocrats are highly corrupt.The things started getting worsened during indira gandhis regime

    and the journey later was from bad to worse and worse to worst.

    In fact beurocrats are as corrupt as politicians. most of our central govet and state govet employees

    such as sales tax, excise, customs are highly corrupt, our police force is the worst in terms of corruption.Police threaten the village women who agitate against liquor because they get lot of bribe from liquor barrens. in private sector especially purchase, lot of people make money. Even top people in public and private enterprises make lot of money.This business of making money by all these people has been going successfully for last 60 years. this means two generations have witnessed this corruption.secondly the families of corrupt people have lost total concious and they have become totally insensitive to the people who suffer. This has spread like gangrene.

    Even judiciary is not free from corruption. Except probably supreme court, other courts are corrupt as well. Now the corruption fever has entered arm forces.

    So the situation is highly pathetic.Unless the laws are strictly implemented and speedily implemented, we wont see light. lastly, the confiscation of properties and rigorous imprisonment

    should be done quickly.Are our politicians are ready to do this? i doubt.

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  • 4 years ago

    Any corrupted baby-kisser or government expert , ought to get screwed. India ought to alter into like a kingdom the place the punishments must be very severe. Then in basic terms a undemanding guy ought to spend his existence fortunately. I thoroughly help Anna Hazare. persons who does not help in my understanding is a thoroughly corrupted guy and doesnt need to be a individual.

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  • 9 years ago

    Some may find it difficult initially but anything can happen in India

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    no doubt..... 99% politicians..!!

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