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Does any one else believe that peace is impossible to achieve?

U can't have peace with conflict and arguments in your life.....thers alot of conflict arguments fights war peace seems impossible....there's going to be a day that everyone is just going to end up killing each other hopefully not but I think it will happen eventually what do you think

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    I agree with you entirely. Peace will never be achieved because there is toooo much hate. Hate for the Mexicans, hate against the black guy, hate againt the Arab because he looks like a terrorist, it just ridiculous. All you have to do is look around you to see that things are not going good. I cant even watch the news any more because everytime I look there is somebody that was brutally murdered, shot, rapped, or a child has been abducted. If you talk to somebody like your parents or grandparents they will tell you how different things used to be. It seems society is getting worse and worse and crazier and crazier. Also, I believe that we will end up killing each other until everyone is dead. We have already started. I think that the government in America will play a big part in it because we do not care about the poor. " The rich keep getting richer and the poor get poorer". One day the poor will rise against the government because they are tired of being pushed to the side and ignored, then i believe other countries will support the poor in America and basically there will be a WWIII, but I think everyone will be destroyed in the process. lol this is just my opinion (:

    Source(s): My honest opinion (:
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    10 years ago

    Peace is defined as the absence of war and in the last 4000 years of recorded history only 400 don't a war listed. Unfortunately even the numbers are against us.

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    Authority is the right to impose your will on another, and is man's only predator. Peace will never be possible so long as any man has the right to rule another because freedom is the natural right of all life forms and authority abolishes this right.

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    Peace is impossible. We must compete to survive, and life feeds off life to live. As long as there is life on earth, peace will not be.

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  • 4 years ago

    whilst confronted with a complicated subject remember, I actual tend to think of plenty approximately no remember if or not i'm able to alter something. If not, i think of of it as being "inevitable", and that i've got a coverage that what's inevitable shouldn't problem me, which i think of is clever for each individual. i'm able to't help the international disaster, yet i'm able to, for instance learn not problem-free to be an incredible healthcare expert and examine out to hearken to human beings, to be an incredible chum. I actual have convenience in understanding i'm doing my perfect to maintain the stability in my ecosystem, and if I fail, it won't complication me, with the aid of fact it may recommend that failure became inevitable. So, in certainty, development your guy or woman strengths, heading off thinking relating to the inevitable, and retaining the perception that each and each unmarried step which you're taking is bringing the two you and the international nearer to unity could desire to make you much less frightened.

  • Roger
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    10 years ago

    War is inevitable. Now that we have weapons that can poison the environment for human life it is only a matter of time before we bring about our own extinction.

  • Cou
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    10 years ago

    Of the past 3055 years of recorded history, 726 of them have been completely war-free, but that's just for the countries recorded. Who knows about Africa?

  • April
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    10 years ago

    I agree. Even though the world keeps trying, there is always going to be someone out there to break the rules.

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    maybe it's too late as the problems are too many - from population size to the environment. yet it might be possible if the world agrees to become as simple as brothers and sisters. yet you have to get rid of dictators, power mongers, greedy corporations, religious extremists, mad scientists and a certain amount of global population. :(

  • 10 years ago

    I agree with you entirely.

    Sad thing is. The Earth wont mourn the departure of human life.

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