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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingNewborn & Baby · 1 decade ago

Calling All Parents: Do you have any tips for moms of multiples?

Are there any tips, suggestions or websites to help a mom with multiples get organized and stay organized? I'm also talking schedules, diapering, bottles, formula, cribs, toys, games, decorating a room, organization, swings, bouncy seats etc. I'm asking all parents out there for any help you can give. Thank you.

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    I don't have kids, so I can't offer first hand advice from a parent's perspective. However, I've worked in a hospital with multiple patients, and in daycare's with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The key to organization is routine and systems. The kids will learn fast. Set up records and put them by their cribs, change table, and in the kitchen. Document when they sleep, get changed, and eat. That way you can assure you aren't feeding one twice and changing only one. As far as toys and games, don't go too crazy right away. You will accumulate stuff. I know in the childcare settings I've worked that kids tend to gravitate towards their favorite few toys anyway, no matter how many you provide for options.

    Good luck! Are you having twins, triplets?

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    How many is she having? I have most effective had singletons as good, however understand individuals with multiples. Things that experience labored for them: Color coding for matters comparable to bottles. It is helping preserve monitor of who ate what. Laminating a everyday agenda for each and every little one and posting at the refrigerator. This maintains monitor of who ate while, peed, pooped, slept etc. Breastfeeding is wholly possible with twins, but when she is having triplets or extra, this may also be plenty trickier. Try your quality to aid, however do not forget that it'll no longer be as effortless as with a singleton. Try to not push any unrealistic expectancies on her. For illustration, if fabric diapers furnish to be an excessive amount of additional paintings, present to aid her wash them, or heck, purchase her a few disposables if she demands them. Same with breastfeeding. While it's the quality for her infants, if she cannot preserve up, allow her are aware of it is alright to complement with method. Good good fortune to her. And I"m blissful she has a pal such as you serving to out.

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    the only tip i can offer as i only have one child is:

    Dont be too proud to accept help when it is offered, if a relative offers to sit witht he babies while you get a nap or cook let them, if people offer to provide meals for a short time after the babies are born accept them.

    Best of luck

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